Contactless POS definition

Contactless POS means a Point of Sales (POS) terminal, equipped with a Contactless Reader,

Examples of Contactless POS in a sentence

A Contactless Transaction Processing allows for a transaction to be processed without requiring the Card to be swiped or inserted at a Contactless POS terminal and without requiring the Cardholder’s PIN to authorise a transaction, subject to the transaction threshold set by SBM which may be amended from time to time.

SBM shall in no circumstances be liable for the malfunctioning and/or temporary breakdown of the Contactless POS which may result in the delay or rejection of any Contactless transaction.

If Contactless Transaction exceeds one or more of the limits, the Cardholder can still make purchases by inserting the Card into the Contactless POS terminal and input the PIN.

A Contactless payment method via VISA/MasterCard/UPI network can be performed at any Contactless POS terminal which displays contactless logo.

Secure reader installed within a Contactless POS terminal through which contactless purchases may be made.