Consistory definition

Consistory means a meeting of the Elders and Ministers;
Consistory means the Consistory of the said Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada;
Consistory means the Elders and Minister(s) of the Church, with such responsibilities as more fully set out in the Church Order and forms of the Church;

Examples of Consistory in a sentence

  • The program of study must be approved by the Consistory, and should be mutually beneficial to the church and the pastor.

  • No coffin or human remains (including cremated remains) may be removed after burial except with the licence of the Secretary of State or, where the burial is in consecrated ground, under a Faculty issued by the Consistory Court.

  • No amendment shall become operative unless and until approved by the Consistory Board of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

  • Carol Skaff and Stacy Jones with Cohlmia Marketing gave a presentation of proposed signage for the Scottish Rite Consistory.

  • A memorial which does not comply with these Regulations [whether or not the Incumbent has purported to give his authority] may be removed by order of the Consistory Court.

  • The Consistory overseeing the mission work shall select a pastoral candidate in consultation with the members of the mission work and the Classis Home Missions Committee.

  • The organizing pastor shall work under the oversight of the Consistory as long as the work is unorganized.

  • Although these Regulations relate primarily to all churchyards and to other consecrated ground associated with churches, consecrated portions of burial grounds established by cemetery companies or by local authorities are also within the jurisdiction of the Consistory Court for certain purposes [exhumations and inscriptions on monuments : see Cemeteries Clauses Act 1947].

  • The Consistory shall determine in each case whether public profession of faith shall be required.

  • The members of the proposed mission work, under the supervision of the Consistory, shall vote on calling the candidate.

More Definitions of Consistory

Consistory means the Board of Consistory of The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada; (« consistoire »)

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