Consideration for the Lender definition

Consideration for the Lender the consideration owed by the Borrower to the Lender under each Individual Contract, pursuant to what is laid down in article 4 below;

Examples of Consideration for the Lender in a sentence

The set-off is made by the non-defaulting party, between the Lender's credit, equal to the tel quel value of the Securities lent, increased by the Consideration for the Lender and by the incidental Income, and the Lender's debt, equal to the Collateral increased by the Compensation in the cases specified in the MT Documents.

Within the essential terms and limits set forth in the MT Documents, the Borrower is required to return to the Lender the same type of Securities lent as well as the Consideration for the Lender.

Related to Consideration for the Lender

Non-U.S. Lender means a Lender that is not a U.S. Person.
Non-BA Lender means any Lender which is not a BA Lender.
Applicable Letter of Credit Fee Rate shall mean the percentage rate per annum based on the Leverage Ratio then in effect according to the pricing grid on Schedule 1.1(A) below the heading “Letter of Credit Fee.” Applicable Margin shall mean, as applicable:
Reference Lender means, with respect to each Investor Group, the related Funding Agent or if such Funding Agent does not have a prime rate, an Affiliate thereof designated by such Funding Agent.
Departing Lender means each lender under the Existing Credit Agreement that executes and delivers to the Administrative Agent a Departing Lender Signature Page.
Notifying Lender has the meaning given in Clause 23.1 or Clause 24.1 as the context requires;
Non-U.S. Lender Party means each of Agent, each Lender, each L/C Issuer, each SPV and each participant, in each case that is not a United States person as defined in Section 7701(a)(30) of the Code.
Other Lender has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 8.5(d).
Non-Extending Lender has the meaning specified in Section 2.18(b).
Applicable Lender has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(d).
Non-Lender Secured Parties the collective reference to all Bank Products Providers, Hedging Providers and Management Credit Providers and their respective successors, assigns and transferees.
Issuing Bank Fees shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.05(c).
Additional Revolving Lender means, at any time, any bank or other financial institution that agrees to provide any portion of any (a) Incremental Revolving Commitment Increase or Additional/Replacement Revolving Commitments pursuant to an Incremental Facility Amendment in accordance with Section 2.20 or (b) Credit Agreement Refinancing Indebtedness pursuant to a Refinancing Amendment in accordance with Section 2.21; provided that each Additional Revolving Lender shall be subject to the approval of the Administrative Agent, the Swingline Lender and each Issuing Bank (in each case, such approval in each case not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and the Borrowers.
Increase Lender has the meaning given to that term in Clause 2.2 (Increase).
Continuing Lender means with respect to any event described in Section 2.08(b), a Lender which is not a Retiring Lender, and “Continuing Lenders” means any two or more of such Continuing Lenders.
Letter of Credit Indemnified Costs has the meaning specified therefor in Section 2.11(f) of the Agreement.
Reference Lenders means Abbey National plc, Alliance & Leicester plc, Woolwich plc, HBOS plc, Lloyds TSB Bank plc, National Westminster Bank Plc and Bradford and Bingley plc (or their respective successors) and such additional or replacement residential mortgage lenders as shall be determined by the Calculation Agent and Reference Lender means any one of them.
Letter of Credit Fee has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(h).
Additional Commitment Lender has the meaning specified in Section 2.18(d).
Initial Term Lender means any Lender with an Initial Term Loan Commitment or an outstanding Initial Term Loan.
Schedule I Reference Lenders means any Schedule I Lender as may be agreed by the Canadian Borrower and the Administrative Agent from time to time.
Irish Qualifying Lender means a Lender which is beneficially entitled to interest payable to that Lender in respect of an advance under this Agreement and is:
Initial Term Loan Lender means a Lender with an Initial Term Loan Commitment or an outstanding Initial Term Loan.
Facility Letter of Credit Fee is defined in Section 2A.8.
New Term Lender a Lender that has a New Term Loan.
Administrative Agent Fee Letter means the Administrative Agent Fee Letter between the Borrower and the Administrative Agent, dated as of the Closing Date, as the same may from time to time be amended, restated or otherwise modified.