Consent of the governed definition

Consent of the governed means the people must agree on who their rulers will be.

Examples of Consent of the governed in a sentence

  • Consent of the governed in the United States in the 1990s is a continuous, interactive process.

  • No. 54, adopted on October 2, 1989, the mayor's salary for the period of September 1, 1990 through August 31, 1994, is $96,513.33, with an annual expense allowance of $10,000.00.

  • The Council could consider a radical approach to generate ongoing revenue savings and possible one off capital receipts by heavily reducing the current open space provision through closure and disposal and a reduction in the overall level of maintenance undertaken.

  • Acaba seviyor muyduk birbirimizi diye sızlandı yeniden bakarak sol memesinin ucuna, bu memesi sağ memesinden daha büyüktü ve Bedri keşfetmişti böyle olduğunu.

  • Consent of the governed is the foundational premise of a democratic republic; indeed, it is how “we distinguish a republican association from the autocratic subjugation of free people.” Tuaua, 788 F.3d at 310 (citing Kennett v.

  • David Farnell, “Philosophical and Theological Bent of Historical Criticism,” The Jesus Crisis: The Inroads of Historical Criticism Into Evangelical Scholarship (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1998), 85-131; F.

  • Consent of the governed – argues that shareholders are essentially “voiceless” under the traditional system and that all of those w/ sufficient intimacy w/ the corporation should be considered “members” (Ex., employees).

  • Consent of the governed begins when citizens elect these officials to public office, a process we'll trace in the next chapter.

  • Consent of the governed in contemporary America in its totality is an accumulation of innumerable bits and pieces of interaction.

  • Consent of the governed in the United States in the 1990s is a continuous, interactive process.Consent occurs in a governmental system that is primarily a representative democracy.

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  • Office of the Governor means the Governor; his chief of staff, counsel, director of policy, Cabinet

  • bodies governed by public law means bodies that have all of the following characteristics:

  • STATE OF ss.: COUNTY OF ) On this ___ day of ________, 19__, before me, a notary public in and for the State of ____________, personally appeared __________ _________, known to me who, being by me duly sworn, did depose and say that he resides at __________________________; that he is the ____________________ of First Union National Bank, a national banking association, one of the parties that executed the foregoing instrument; and that he signed his name thereto by order of the Board of Directors of said association. Notary Public [NOTARIAL SEAL]

  • body governed by public law means any body:

  • Existing construction means any structure for which the "start of construction" commenced before the effective date of the initial floodplain management code or ordinance adopted by the community as a basis for that community's participation in the NFIP.

  • the Governors means the directors of the Academy Trust (and “Governor” means any one of those directors), subject to the definition of this term at Article 6.9(b) in relation to Articles 6.2-6.9;

  • Interpretation Act means the Interpretation Act (British Columbia) from time to time in force and all amendments thereto and includes all regulations and amendments thereto made pursuant to that Act;

  • Trust Indenture Act of 1939 (except as otherwise provided in Sections 8.01 and 8.02) means the Trust Indenture Act of 1939 as in force at the date as of which this Indenture was originally executed.

  • Commencement of Construction means the initial disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, or excavating activities or other construction activities.

  • Canon Law means the Canon Law of the Catholic Church from time to time in force and if any question arises as to the interpretation of Canon Law, this shall be determined exclusively by the Diocesan Bishop;

  • Director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement means the Director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement, EPA Region 10, or an authorized representative.

  • Commonwealth Act means the Workplace Relations Act 1996 of the Commonwealth;

  • Start of construction means the first placement of permanent construction of a structure depicted on an approved PRD site plan, such as pouring of slabs or footings, installation of piles, construction of columns, or any work beyond the stage of excavation of a foundation. Permanent construction does not include land preparation, such as clearing, grading and filling; nor does it include the installation of streets and/or walkways; nor does it include excavation of footings, piers or foundations or the erection of temporary forms.

  • New construction means structures for which the “start of construction” commenced on or after the effective date of the initial floodplain management regulations and includes any subsequent improvements to such structures.

  • The Government means the Government of Andhra Pradesh or its authorized representatives

  • Property Jurisdiction means the jurisdiction in which the Land is located.

  • State of Utah means the State of Utah, in its entirety, including its institutions, agencies, departments, divisions, authorities, instrumentalities, boards, commissions, elected or appointed officers, employees, agents, and authorized volunteers.

  • COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA ss. COUNTY OF LANCASTER : On this 8th day of September, 1997, before me, a notary public, the undersigned officer, personally appeared XXXXX X. XXXXXX, who acknowledged himself to be a Senior Vice President of NORTH COAST HEALTH CARE MANAGEMENT, INC., an Ohio corporation, and that he as such officer, being authorized to do so, executed the foregoing instrument for the purposes therein contained by signing the name of the corporation by himself as such officer.

  • Completion of Construction means the date, as determined by the Division after consultation with the Recipient, that the work of building and erection of the Project is substantially complete.

  • Uniform Commercial Code jurisdiction means any jurisdiction that has adopted all or substantially all of Article 9 as contained in the 2000 Official Text of the Uniform Commercial Code, as recommended by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American Law Institute, together with any subsequent amendments or modifications to the Official Text.

  • Public Governor means a member of the Council of Governors elected by the members of one of the Public Constituencies;

  • the LA Governor means the Governor who may be appointed pursuant to Article 51;

  • Federal Reserve Bank of New York s Website” means the website of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at, or any successor source.

  • the Commonwealth Act means the legislation of the Commonwealth Parliament by which this agreement is authorized to be executed by or on behalf of the Commonwealth;

  • Waters of the United States means all waters as defined by 40 CFR 122.2 and as otherwise specified by applicable laws and regulations.

  • the Constitution means the Constitution set out in the Schedule;