consent of members definition

consent of members means the agreement of members by a simple majority in general meeting;

Related to consent of members

  • Consent of the Partners means the Consent of Partners holding Percentage Interests that in the aggregate are equal to or greater than fifty percent (50%) of the aggregate Percentage Interests of all Partners, which Consent shall be obtained prior to the taking of any action for which it is required by this Agreement and may be given or withheld by such Partners, in their sole and absolute discretion.

  • Consent of the Limited Partners means the Consent of a Majority in Interest of the Limited Partners, which Consent shall be obtained prior to the taking of any action for which it is required by this Agreement and may be given or withheld by a Majority in Interest of the Limited Partners, unless otherwise expressly provided herein, in their sole and absolute discretion.

  • Consent of the Stockholders means receipt by the Trustee of a certificate from the inspector of elections of the stockholder meeting certifying that the Company’s stockholders of record as of a record date established in accordance with Section 213(a) of the Delaware General Corporation Law, as amended (“DGCL”) (or any successor rule), who hold sixty-five percent (65%) or more of all then outstanding shares of the Common Stock and Class B common stock, par value $0.0001 per share, of the Company voting together as a single class, have voted in favor of such change, amendment or modification. No such amendment will affect any Public Stockholder who has otherwise indicated his election to redeem his shares of Common Stock in connection with a stockholder vote sought to amend this Agreement to modify the substance or timing of the Company’s obligation to redeem 100% of the Common Stock if the Company does not complete its initial Business Combination within the time frame specified in the Company’s amended and restated certificate of incorporation. Except for any liability arising out of the Trustee’s gross negligence, fraud or willful misconduct, the Trustee may rely conclusively on the certification from the inspector or elections referenced above and shall be relieved of all liability to any party for executing the proposed amendment in reliance thereon.

  • Consent Agenda means a grouping of procedural or routine agenda items that can be approved with general discussion.

  • Consent Order means a support order that reflects the agreement of the noncustodial parent, the custodial parent and the division of child support. A consent order requires the approval of an administrative law judge.

  • Unanimous Consent Consent of Revolving Credit Lenders (other than Delinquent Revolving Credit Lenders) holding 100% of the Loan Commitments (other than Loan Commitments held by a Delinquent Revolving Credit Lender).

  • Consent means written permission signed by a duly authorized officer or employee of the Commonwealth, provided that where the material facts have been disclosed, in writing, by prequalification, bid, proposal, or contractual terms, the Commonwealth shall be deemed to have consented by virtue of the execution of this contract.

  • Structural member means any load-supporting member of a facility, such as beams and load-supporting walls, or any nonload-supporting member, such as ceilings and nonload-supporting walls.

  • Associate Members means the individuals or firms which have agreed to Joint Venture in connection with the Project;

  • LLC Agreements means the Initial Holdings LLC Agreement, the Holdings LLC Agreement, the Initial Investors LLC Agreement and the Investors LLC Agreement.

  • Majority Members means Members holding a majority of the Units owned by all Members or if there is only one Member, such Member.

  • Consent Date has the meaning set forth in Section 2.6(a).

  • Schedule of Members has the meaning set forth in Section 3.01(b).

  • Major Decisions shall have the meaning given to such term or any one or more analogous terms in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement; provided that at any time that Note A-1 is not included in the Lead Securitization, “Major Decision” shall mean:

  • Additional Members means those Members, if any, admitted to the Company after the Effective Date.

  • Lead Member of the Bidding Consortium or “Lead Member” shall mean a company who commits at least 26% equity stake in the Project, meets the technical requirement as per Clause 2.1.2and so designated by other Member(s) in Bidding Consortium;

  • Voting Members means the Members who are entitled to vote at meetings of the Company and shall be restricted to only Homeowner Members and Rental Members or their respective designates as provided herein, and the subscribers hereto while such subscribers remain Members hereunder; and

  • Shareholders' Agreements shall have the meaning provided in Section 5.05.

  • Initial Members means those Persons listed on Schedule A hereto as Initial Members as of the date hereof.

  • Panel Member means a Representative Subscriber appointed by a Panel Master for the purposes of receiving one or more invitations to an Electronic Workspace(s) and acting for the Panel Master in a given Conveyancing Transaction.

  • Register of Members means the register of Members maintained in accordance with the Statute and includes (except where otherwise stated) any branch or duplicate register of Members.

  • Spousal Consent The written consent given by a spouse to a Participant's Beneficiary designation. The spouse's consent must acknowledge the effect on the spouse of the Participant's designation, and be duly witnessed by a Plan representative or notary public. Spousal Consent shall be valid only with respect to the spouse who signs the Spousal Consent and only for the particular choice made by the Participant which requires Spousal Consent. A Participant may revoke (without Spousal Consent) a prior designation that required Spousal Consent at any time before payments begin. Spousal Consent also means a determination by the Administrator that there is no spouse, the spouse cannot be located, or such other circumstances as may be established by applicable law.

  • Class A Members means those Members who have purchased Class A Interests.

  • Agreement of Merger has the meaning set forth in Section 2.01(b).

  • Major Decision means:

  • Shareholder Agreements has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.