Company Solicitation Materials definition

Company Solicitation Materials means a proxy statement for the purpose of, among other things, soliciting proxies from the Company’s shareholders at the Company Extraordinary General Meeting in favor of the Company Shareholder Matters and any other documents to be mailed to the Company’s shareholders in connection with the Company Shareholder Approval.

Examples of Company Solicitation Materials in a sentence

Prior to mailing the Company Solicitation Materials to the Company’s shareholders, the Company will make available to SPAC drafts of the Company Solicitation Materials and any other documents to be mailed to the Company’s shareholders, and any amendment or supplement to the Company Solicitation Materials or such other document and will provide SPAC with a reasonable opportunity to comment on such drafts and shall consider such comments in good faith.

Subject to the immediately following sentence, the Company shall include the Company Board Recommendation in the Company Solicitation Materials.

The Company Solicitation Materials will comply as to form and substance with all applicable Law.