Community Transportation Coordinator definition

Community Transportation Coordinator means a provider of transportation services or an entity that ensures such services are provided by another bus transit system.
Community Transportation Coordinator. (CTC) "Community Transportation Coordinator" shall mean a transportation entity recommended consistent with Section 427.015(1), Florida Statutes, and approved by the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, to ensure that coordinated transportation services are provided to serve the transportation disadvantaged population in a designated service area.
Community Transportation Coordinator means a transportation entity recommended by a metropolitan planning organization, or by the appropriate designated official planning agency as provided for in ss. 427.011-

Examples of Community Transportation Coordinator in a sentence

  • The Board shall conduct an annual performance evaluation of the Community Transportation Coordinator.

  • Provide information, advice, and direction to the Community Transportation Coordinator on the coordination of service to be provided to the transportation disadvantaged.

  • ACTION TAKEN AT MEETING:AGENDA ITEM: 3b SUBJECT: Community Transportation Coordinator Report BACKGROUND: The Local Coordinating Board serves as an advisory Board to theCTC and evaluates their services and seeks innovative ways to improve cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and safety.

  • In coordination with the Community Transportation Coordinator, jointly develop applications for funds that may become available.

  • In areas where such representative is not available, a local private non-profit representative will be appointed, except where said representative is also the Community Transportation Coordinator.

  • Assist the Community Transportation Coordinator in establishing priorities with regard to the recipients of non-sponsored transportation disadvantaged services that are purchased with TD Trust Fund moneys.

  • Encourage the local Community Transportation Coordinator to work cooperatively with regional workforce boards established in Chapter 445, Florida Statutes, and provide assistance in the development of innovative transportation services for welfare transition program.

  • The TDLCB oversees the local program and the activities of the Community Transportation Coordinator (LYNX).

  • The findings, explanations and recommendations of the Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board will be in written form, recorded and transmitted to the aggrieved person and the Community Transportation Coordinator within 10 working days following the hearing.

  • Determine locally by the local Coordinating Board and provide in the local Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan the billing requirements of the Community Transportation Coordinator.

More Definitions of Community Transportation Coordinator

Community Transportation Coordinator means: Transportation entity recommended by a metropolitan planning organization, or by the appropriate designated official planning organization, or by the appropriate designated official planning agency in an area outside the purview of a metropolitan planning organization, to ensure that coordinated transportation services are provided to the transportation disadvantaged population in a designated service area.

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