Definition of Communications Module

Communications Module means SSN's network communications device that is installed in Equipment, third-party devices and Integrated Meters, regardless of whether it is based on radio frequency technology (also referred to as a "NIC") or cellular technology (also referred to as a "MicroAP").
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Examples of Communications Module in a sentence

Page 29 69 IRIDIUM Space System Contract EXHIBIT B Statement of Work 5.22 MILESTONE 22 SPACE VEHICLE QUALIFICATION TEST/SPACE SYSTEM COMPLIANCE MATRIX UPDATE 5.22 MILESTONE DESCRIPTION The SV Qualification model shall be tested as required in the SV Test Plan developed by Seller to demonstrate integrated compatibility of the Bus Module, Communications Module and MMA and SV integration processes.
Science and Technology Directorate, First Responders Group: Radio Internet-Protocol Communications Module A new low-cost interoperability solution developed by DHS's Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) could save the first responder community millions of dollars.
The Radio Internet-Protocol Communications Module (RIC-M), used by local, state, and federal responders, is a low-cost, external, stand-alone, interface device that connects radio frequency (RF) system base stations, consoles, and other RF equipment--regardless of brand--over the Internet or Private Internet Protocol (IP) network.
A 5ESS-2000 Switch contains at a minimum, an Administrative Module ("AM"), Communications Module ("CM"), and at least one Switch Module, and any such Switch can act as a host for Optically Remote Modules ("ORMs"), Remote Switch Modules ("RSMs"), and/or the Extended Switch Modules ("EXMs").
Will include a Provider Communications Module that receives, logs, tracks, and responds to incoming communications (e.g., claims issues and any other issues or inquiries).