Commercialisation Entity definition

Commercialisation Entity means the person selected through the REOI Process to enter into the Commercialisation Agreement.

Examples of Commercialisation Entity in a sentence

Commercialisation Entity any entity set up, controlled by or acting for the Administering Institution or its nominee in order to commercialise the Commercial IP.

Patents and trade mark to be licensedThe Commercialisation Entity will have rights under the Commercialisation Agreement to use the relevant Intellectual Property of the Parties.

In the case where a Creator or Enabler is granted equity in a Commercialisation Entity that licences the University IP which the Creator or Enabler has created,4 such Creator’s or Enabler’s portion in the standard revenue sharing formula of Paragraph or Paragraph will be unaffected.

The Administering Institution must otherwise maintain the confidentiality of the Commercial IP; ensure, and procure that any Commercialisation Entity ensures, any Commercial IP is able to be exploited without infringing any third party rights; and commercialise, and procure that any Commercialisation Entity commercialises, any Commercial IP, including in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Scheme, including as set out in the Guidelines and the Grant Application.

Respondents are required to provide a statement of compliance with the proposed terms as part of their Responses.Commercialisation milestones, the commercial terms of the technical transfer arrangements with Scientec and details of whether the Commercialisation Entity will use the Curiosity trade mark or other branding for its baits, will be incorporated into the Commercialisation Agreement based on the successful Respondent's Response.

On request by the Funders the Administering Institution must negotiate with the Funders in good faith for a period up to 3 months in relation to the Administering Institution, and any relevant Commercialisation Entity, entering into an agreement, and ensures that it has all rights necessary to enter into such an agreement, with the Funders containing the terms of the relevant Commercialisation Model and such other terms as the Funders reasonably require.

Full Legal Organisation Name: Legal Status: Individual/Sole Trader Partnership Company Sole Director Company Trust (see note below) Other (please state): NOTE: If the Potential Commercialisation Entity is trading as a trust, please provide details of the relevant trust (and trustee) including a copy of the relevant trust deed (including any variations to that deed) as an attachment to this Response.

ADS contends that Aladdin is liable because its failure to use its reasonable best efforts to secure the OCC's approval, and its failure to keep Blackstone from impeding the Merger's approval (by declining to agree to the OCC's demands), were material breaches of §§ 6.5.1 and 6.5.6 of the Merger Agreement that gave rise to the failure of the regulatory approval closing condition.

Scientec and the Commercialisation Entity will cooperate with one another to agree the details of the information, documentation and assistance that is to be provided, and the timing for that provision.

The details you provide should be for the legal organisation that would be the Commercialisation Entity under the Commercialisation Agreement.

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Licensed Territory means worldwide.
Regulatory Approval means any and all approvals (including supplements, amendments, pre- and post-approvals, pricing and reimbursement approvals), licenses, registrations or authorizations of any national, supra-national (e.g., the European Commission or the Council of the European Union), regional, state or local regulatory agency, department, bureau, commission, council or other governmental entity, that are necessary for the manufacture, distribution, use, sale, and marketing of a Licensed Product for human therapeutic or prophylactic use in a regulatory jurisdiction.