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College savings bonds means revenue and other obligations issued on behalf of the state or any agency or issuing authority thereof as a zero-coupon or capital appreciation bond, and designated as college savings bonds as provided in this chapter. "College savings bond issue" means any issue of bonds of which any part has been designated as college savings bonds.
College savings bonds means any general obligation bonds of the State that:
College savings bonds means revenue and other 39

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  • College savings bonds may be issued in certificate or book entry form, in face amounts as low as $1,000 if determined advisable by the Treasurer of State.

  • College savings bonds may be sold at such prices and in such manner as may be determined by the issuing officials.

  • RCW 28B.106.010 and 1988 c 125 s 9 are each amended to read as follows:The following definitions shall apply throughout this chapter, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:(1) "College savings bonds" or "bonds" are Washington stategeneral obligation bonds, issued under the authority of and in accordance with this chapter.(2) (("Board")) "Office" means the ((higher education coordinating board)) office of student financial assistance, or any successor thereto.Sec.

  • The Chancellor and staff will, therefore, actively continue to plan to make zero­coupon College savings bonds available to Nevadans as a part of future student fee bond issues on an annual basis.

  • Because this State general obligation bond issue must conform to this old reso­ lution, the last three years of this issue cannot be dedi­ cated to zero­coupon College savings bonds as originally planned.

  • College savings bonds" means revenue and other obligations issued on behalf of the state or any agency or issuing authority thereof as a zero-coupon or capital appreciation bond, and designated as college savings bonds as provided in this chapter.

  • Effective Date: 03-30-1999; 09-29-2005 3334.04 College savings bonds.

  • College savings bonds 5 may bear interest payable at such time or times and may be sold < 6 at such prices and in such manner as may be determined by the 7 Governor and the State Treasurer.

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College savings bonds means general obligation bonds of the state issued pursuant to the provisions of section 3-20 or special tax obligation bonds issued pursuant to the provisions of sections 13b-74 to 13b-77, inclusive, and designated college savings bonds; and
College savings bonds means revenue and other 775

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