Definition of CMP LLC Agreement

CMP LLC Agreement means the Limited Liability Company Agreement, dated October 31, 2005, by and among CMP, CMI, Bain Capital Fund VIII, L.P., BCP Acquisition Company L.L.C., and Thomas H. Lee Equity Fund V, L.P., as amended.
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Examples of CMP LLC Agreement in a sentence

Other than the CMP LLC Agreement, the CMP Equityholders' Agreement and the CMP Amendment there are no voting trusts or other agreements or understandings to which CMP or any of its Subsidiaries are a party with respect to the voting of the capital stock of CMP or any of its Subsidiaries.
CMI, as the Tax Matters Member (as defined in the CMP LLC Agreement) of CMP, shall cause CMP's federal, state and local Tax Returns for the taxable years or periods that end on or prior to the Closing Date to be prepared and timely filed consistent with past practice, except as may be required by Law, in accordance with and subject to any limitations on the authority of the Tax Matters Member set forth in Article IV of the CMP LLC Agreement.
Such Seller is the beneficial owner of, and has good and legal title to, its respective Units as indicated on Section 6.1 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule, free and clear of all Liens, except for the restrictions set forth in the CMP LLC Agreement, the CMP Equityholders' Agreement, the CMP Registration Rights Agreement and the CMP Amendment.