Definition of Clients Business

Clients Business means the field of commercial lead generation, segmentation and distribution.
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Examples of Clients Business in a sentence

Any customizations, modifications, enhancements to the unmodified software required to meet Client's Business Requirements shall be provided by Fiserv in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in Exhibit H, provided that Client and Fiserv have executed a mutually agreed upon Exhibit H-n.
HCHB agrees that it may be considered a "business associate" of Client under HIPAA and agrees to execute Client's Business Associate Agreement (to the extent it has not already done so), a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit 1, and to comply with its terms.
The Business Assets of the following businesses and Business Units of the RBS Holdings Group: BU North America (pages 111 to 113 of the RBS Holdings Accounts) BU Global Clients (pages 53, 117 to 119 and 158 of the RBS Holdings Accounts, excluding the Brazil Global Clients Business).
Without the prior written consent of the Client, the Licensee Derivative Works may not be used by Licensor except in connection with the operation of, and for the benefit of, Client's Business, it being agreed that Licensor shall not have any rights to use (for its own benefit or for the benefit of others) the Licensee Derivative Works.
If required, the company's translators will translate the Clients' Business Plans to be posted on the Platform, as well as their periodical progress postings on their Profile Pages, for the benefits of the international Investors.