Class III GamiRg Contraet definition

Class III GamiRg Contraet means aeontraet that itrtolves Major, MiRor, or Sensitive Procurements.

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TMDL means the total maximum daily load limitation of a parameter, representing the estimated assimilative capacity for a water body before other designated uses are adversely affected. Mathematically, it is the sum of wasteload allocations for point sources, load allocations for non-point and natural background sources, and a margin of safety.
SONIAi-pLBD means, in respect of any London Banking Day falling in the relevant Observation Period, the SONIA reference rate for the London Banking Day falling "p" London Banking Days prior to the relevant London Banking Day "i".
16-19 Academy means an Academy or a Free School which meets the requirements set out in section 1B(1) of the Academies Act 2010.
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Management Program or "MS4 Program" means a management program covering the duration of a state permit for a municipal separate storm sewer system that includes a comprehensive planning process that involves public participation and intergovernmental coordination, to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable, to protect water quality, and to satisfy the appropriate water quality requirements of the CWA and regulations and the Act and attendant regulations, using management practices, control techniques, and system, design and engineering methods, and such other provisions that are appropriate.
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Large municipal separate storm sewer system means all municipal separate storm sewers that are either:
business vertical means a distinguishable component of an enterprise that is engaged in the supply of individual goods or services or a group of related goods or services which is subject to risks and returns that are different from those of the other business verticals.
Virginia Stormwater Management Program authority or "VSMP authority" means an authority approved by the Board after September 13, 2011, to operate a Virginia Stormwater Management Program or the Department. An authority may include a locality; state entity, including the Department; federal entity; or, for linear projects subject to annual standards and specifications in accordance with subsection B of § 62.1-44.15:31, electric, natural gas, and telephone utility companies, interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline companies, railroad companies, or authorities created pursuant to § 15.2-5102.
Small municipal separate storm sewer system or "small MS4" means all separate storm sewers that are (i) owned or operated by the United States, a state, city, town, borough, county, parish, district, association, or other public body (created by or pursuant to state law) having jurisdiction over disposal of sewage, industrial wastes, stormwater, or other wastes, including special districts under state law such as a sewer district, flood control district or drainage district, or similar entity, or an Indian tribe or an authorized Indian tribal organization, or a designated and approved management agency under § 208 of the CWA that discharges to surface waters and (ii) not defined as "large" or "medium" municipal separate storm sewer systems or designated under 4VAC50-60-380 A 1. This term includes systems similar to separate storm sewer systems in municipalities, such as systems at military bases, large hospital or prison complexes, and highway and other thoroughfares. The term does not include separate storm sewers in very discrete areas, such as individual buildings.
ESFA means the Education and Skills Funding Agency.
Ozone season means the period of time beginning May 1 of a year and ending on September 30 of the same year, inclusive.
Pari-mutuel wagering means a form of wagering on the outcome of a contest in which all wagers are pooled and held by an Organization Licensee for distribution of the total amount, less the deductions authorized by law, to holders of tickets on the winning horses.
Nuclear medicine technologist means an individual who holds a current certification with the American Registry of Radiological Technologists or the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board.
HHS-SSA means the HHS social security administration.
Double check valve assembly means an assembly composed of two single, independently acting, check valves including tightly closing shutoff valves located at each end of the assembly and suitable connections for testing the water tightness of each check valve.
South Caucasus/Central and South Asian (SC/CASA) state means Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan.
Virginia Stormwater Management Program or "VSMP" means a program approved by the board after September 13, 2011, that has been established by a VSMP authority to manage the quality and quantity of runoff resulting from land-disturbing activities and shall include such items as local ordinances, rules, permit requirements, annual standards and specifications, policies and guidelines, technical materials, and requirements for plan review, inspection, enforcement, where authorized in the Act and associated regulations, and evaluation consistent with the requirements of the SWM Act and associated regulations.
Vadose zone means the zone of aeration including soil and capillary water. The zone is bound above by the land surface and below by the water table.
Municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4 means a conveyance or system of conveyances (including roads with drainage systems, municipal streets, catch basins, curbs, gutters, ditches, man-made channels, or storm drains):
Medium municipal separate storm sewer system means all municipal separate storm sewers that are either:
Class C operator means the individual responsible for initially addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST system. The Class C operator typically controls or monitors the dispensing or sale of regulated substances.
South Caucasus/Central and South Asian (SC/CASA) state means Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan.
Class B operator means the individual who has day-to-day responsibility for implementing applicable regulatory requirements established by the department. The Class B operator typically implements in-field aspects of operation, maintenance, and associated recordkeeping for the UST system.
Virginia Stormwater Management Act means Article 2.3 (§ 62.1-44.15:24 et seq.) of Chapter 3.1 of Title 62.1 of the Code of Virginia.
SONIAi means, in respect of any London Banking Day, "i", a reference rate equal to the daily SONIA rate for such London Banking Day as provided by the administrator of SONIA to authorised distributors and as then published on the Relevant Screen Page on the London Banking Day immediately following such London Banking Day; and