Civil Law Notary definition

Civil Law Notary means a person who is a member in good standing of The Florida Bar, who has practiced law for at least 5 years, and who is appointed by the Secretary of State as a civil-law notary.
Civil Law Notary means the civil law notary Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx or another civil law notary of NautaDutilh, or any of their deputies.
Civil Law Notary means a civil-law notary as defined in

Examples of Civil Law Notary in a sentence

  • In such case, Electronics and Topaz shall, at the latest on the last day of the notice period, give joint written instructions to the Escrow Agent to assign the Escrow Share by notarial deed issued by a Swiss Civil Law Notary Public to those persons designated jointly by Electronics and Topaz.

  • This value is based on the exchange rate of the US Dollar on the fifth of February two thousand fifteen (14h15) published by the European Central Bank, as it appears from the bank statement delivered by BNP Paribas Fortis on the fifth of February two thousand fifteen, attached to the authentic deed executed on the sixth of February two thousand fifteen before the Civil Law Notary Van Ooteghem, in Temse, containing modification of the articles of association.

  • The Parties are aware of the fact that the Civil Law Notary works with NautaDutilh, the firm that advises the Purchaser in the Transaction.

  • Notary Public My Commission Expires: * * * EXHIBIT D FORM OF EXCHANGING WARRANTHOLDER AUTHORITY DECLARATION [Letterhead] [May , 2010] Xxxxxx N.V. Stibbetoren Strawinskylaan 2001 1077 ZZ Amsterdam The Netherlands Attn: Xxxx Xxxxx, Civil Law Notary Re: Issuance of shares by Tornier B.V. Dear Xx. Xxxxx: I am an attorney admitted to practice under the laws of [the state of , United States of America].

  • With reference to the Code of Conduct (Verordening beroeps- en gedragsregels) established by the Royal Notarial Professional Organisation (Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie), the Parties hereby explicitly agree (i) that the Civil Law Notary shall execute any notarial deeds related to this Agreement and (ii) that the Purchaser is assisted and represented by NautaDutilh in relation to this Agreement and any agreements that may be concluded, or disputes that may arise, in connection therewith.

More Definitions of Civil Law Notary

Civil Law Notary means Xxxxxx van Smaalen, civil law notary (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), or her substitute or successor in office.
Civil Law Notary means any civil law notary to be chosen by and reasonably acceptable to the Purchaser and the Special Committee.
Civil Law Notary means any civil law notary (notaris) of De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.
Civil Law Notary means a civil law notary of Nxxxx Dutilh.
Civil Law Notary means the civil law notary mentioned in article 4.2;
Civil Law Notary. Means the civil law notary mr M.P. Bongard or any other civil law notary of Baker & McKenzie Amsterdam NV, or any of their deputies;
Civil Law Notary. Any civil law notary of Xxxxx Dutilh Advocaten Notarissen Belastingadviseurs (Xxxxx Dutilh lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisors) or any of their deputies.