City of London definition

City of London or “CoL” Refers to the City of London Corporation, who will act as the Delivery Body for this Strategic Access Management and Monitoring Programme.
City of London means The Corporation of the City of London;
City of London. – shall mean The Corporation of the City of London.

Examples of City of London in a sentence

  • In this regard the City of London Corporation operates the Considerate Contractors Scheme.

  • Section 53 of the City of London (Various Powers) Act 1900 allows the City to affix to the exterior of any building fronting any street within the City brackets, wires, pipes and apparatus as may be necessary or convenient for the public lighting of streets within the City.

  • The City of London Corporation has approved a strategic risk register for all of its activities.

  • However, Members may claim travelling expenses in respect of activities outside the City and receive allowances in accordance with a scale when attending a conference or activity on behalf of the City of London Corporation.

  • The City of London Corporation does not attempt to apportion the audit fee between all the different charities but prefers to treat it as part of the cost to its private funds.

  • Our bank details are: HSBC Bank plc, City of London and Commercial Office, 2nd Floor, 62/76 Park Street, London SE1 9DZ Sort code 40-02-50 Account no.

  • The City of London as done similar for quite a while and the bikes are much tidier yet still readily available so this proposal works.

  • The City Surveyor must be consulted if the City of London Corporation is the land owner.

  • To agree details of railway works in the City of London under the Transport and Works Act 1992.

  • As the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police data distorts the chart scales, they have been excluded from all charts and averages except for those in their own profiles.

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