Definition of Cima Supply Agreement

Cima Supply Agreement means the Supply and Manufacture Agreement by and between Cima and BioMarin dated June 26, 2003, including the First Amendment to Supply and Manufacture Agreement dated September 28, 2004, as the same may be amended.
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Examples of Cima Supply Agreement in a sentence

Alliant will not, and will cause its Permitted Sublicensees not to, enter into any other agreement(s) with any other supplier/manufacturer for the supply and manufacture of Orapred ODT during the term of the Cima Supply Agreement, except as otherwise provided in the Cima Supply Agreement.
Alliant agrees to purchase exclusively from Cima all of Alliants and its Permitted Sublicensees requirements for Orapred ODT for its subsequent use, sale, lease, transfer, or other disposition by Alliant or its Permitted Sublicensees pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Cima Supply Agreement.
BioMarin will use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain, as soon as practicable, the consent of Cima to assign the obligations under the Cima Supply Agreement as related to the production of Orapred ODT for distribution within North America.