Definition of Chip Supply Agreement

Chip Supply Agreement means the chip supply agreement dated the Closing Date between the Vendor as buyer and the Purchaser as seller of wood chips produced from the Division in the form negotiated and settled by the Purchaser and the Vendor prior to the execution and delivery of this Agreement;
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Examples of Chip Supply Agreement in a sentence

Microfluidic Chips will be purchased by PRI pursuant to a Microfluidic Chip Supply Agreement containing the terms set forth above in this Section 5.3, and other terms and conditions intended to be negotiated by the Parties prior to the end of the Term of the Project.
PRI on the one hand, and PE and ACLARA on the other, intend to negotiate a Microfluidic Chip supply agreement, as more fully set forth in Section 5.3.6, setting forth terms and conditions called for by this Agreement and other terms and conditions to be negotiated (the "Microfluidic Chip Supply Agreement").
Exhibit 8.1.16 Voting Agreement Exhibit 14.7.3 Indemnified Claims Exhibit 15.2.1 Draft Settlement Exhibit 15.2.2 *Indemnified Claim Exhibit 15.2.3 *Force Reduction Plan Exhibit 17.2 Post Closing Service Agreement Exhibit 17.2.1 *US Employees Exhibit 17.3.5 *Severance Costs Exhibit 17.3.6 *Chip Supply Agreement Pricing Terms Exhibit 18.2.4 *POF Supply Agreement Payment Terms Exhibit 18.2.5 *Press Release Exhibit 19.1 ---------------------- * Designates Exhibits to this Agreement.
Buyer and Parent have entered into a take or pay Chip Supply Agreement in the form annexed as Exhibit 1 hereto (the "Supply Agreement", and together with the Transition Services Agreement, the Access Agreement and the Assignment and Assumption Agreement, the "Related Agreements"), pursuant to which Seller shall supply and Buyer shall purchase polyester chip for use in the Business.