chief driver licensing official definition

chief driver licensing official. ’ means the official in a State who is authorized to—
chief driver licensing official means the official in a State who is authorized to--
chief driver licensing official means the official in a State who is authorized to—

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Chief Building Official means the officer or employee of the Township of South Frontenac appointed by the Corporation with the duty of administering the provisions of the Ontario Building Code, Building By-law and Zoning By-law.
Procurement Officer means the person, or his or her designee, duly authorized by the State to enter into and administer Contracts and make written determinations with respect to the Contract.
Police officer means every officer authorized to direct or regulate traffic, or to make arrests for violations of traffic regulations.
Returning Officer means a person appointed by the Club to conduct an election on behalf of the Club, and shall include the State Electoral Commissioner or his representative when said Commissioner conducts an election.
Presiding officer means the commissioner, the commissioner’s designee or an administrative law judge from the department of inspections and appeals.
Paying Officer means Head of finance / Manager (Finance).
Contracting Officer means the U.S. Government Contracting Officer for LOCKHEED MARTIN's government prime contract under which this Contract is entered.
Assessing Officer means an officer of a State Government or Board or licensee, as the case may be, designated as such by the State Government;
Administrative Officer means anyone designated at the college as being on the administrative staff, such as the President, Chief Academic Officer, Chief Student Services Officer, etc.
Monitoring Officer means the person designated as such by the Council under Section 5 of the 1989 Act, or, if that person is unable to act owing to absence or illness, the person nominated by him/her as his/her deputy under sub-section (7) of that section