Definition of Change in Control. Change in Control

Change in Control. Change in Control means a transaction (excluding in each case transactions in which securities are purchased from the Company for the principal purpose of raising capital for the Company) in which one of the following occurs:

Examples of Change in Control. Change in Control in a sentence

Except as provided in this Paragraph 3, this Agreement shall remain in effect upon a Change in Control (Change in Control is defined in Paragraph 4(e) below), and Executive shall remain eligible to earn Retention Payments as set forth above.
The Committee shall in its sole discretion determine the status of achievement of a particular Target Goal and shall specify an Adjusted Basic Award based upon its determination of achievement of the performance goals under the Awards as of the Change in Control ("Change in Control Award").
The termination occurs pursuant to an irrevocable action of the Board or its designee that is taken within the thirty (30) days preceding or the twelve (12) months following a Change in Control, and all other plans sponsored by the Company (determined immediately after the Change in Control) that are required to be aggregated with this Plan under Section 409A of the Code are also terminated with respect to each participant therein who experienced the Change in Control (Change in Control Participant).
In addition, the terms Business Combination, Change in Control, Change in Control Price, Incumbent Board, Outstanding Company Stock, Outstanding Company Voting Securities and Person have the meanings set forth in Section 6.
For purposes of this Section 6, the Change in Control Protection Period means the twelve (12) month period following a Change in Control (Change in Control as used in this Agreement shall have the meaning as such term is defined in the Saleen Holdings, Inc.