Definition of Central Pipeline

Central Pipeline means the Central Pipeline acquired by AIG, through AIG Highstar Capital, L.P. and Southern Star Central Corp., from The Williams Companies, that transports natural gas from producing locations in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado to consuming areas in the Midwest.
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Examples of Central Pipeline in a sentence

Id. at 419 n.4. The Kansas Supreme Court has moved purposely into the opening left by the Supreme Court, holding in Northwest Central Pipeline Corp.
Gulf Central Pipeline Company Interstate Commerce Commission Farmland Industries, Inc.
It is commonplace that where federal law does not preempt certain state law provisions, state laws and federal laws that touch on the same subject matter create a "dual regulatory scheme." Northwest Central Pipeline Corp.
The Parties acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of the Manual for the Transportation of Oil via the Central Pipeline, as modified from time to time in accordance with applicable law, are an integral part of this Contract.
In short, arm's-length bargaining is a process in which each party pursues its individual interests, and a negotiation in which the parties pursue a single, common, and shared interest is thus inconsistent with such bargaining.197 196 Nw. Central Pipeline Corp., 44 FERC P 61,200, at 61,719 (1988).