Definition of Cdn Revolving Commitment

Cdn Revolving Commitment means, with respect to any Cdn Lender, as at any time, the aggregate amount which such Cdn Lender has agreed to make available to the Cdn Borrower pursuant to subsection 2.1.1 and, subject to the terms hereof, to an Additional Foreign Borrower, as such amount may have been modified since the date of this Agreement pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, and includes, with respect to the Cdn Swingline Lender, the Cdn Swingline Commitment Amount;

Examples of Cdn Revolving Commitment in a sentence

As of the Restatement Date, the amount of the Cdn Revolving Commitment of each Cdn Lender is as set forth beside its name in Schedule "A" hereto under the heading "Cdn Revolving Commitment".
Except for temporary excesses arising from the Administrative Agent's allocation of BA's in accordance with subsection 4.2.2 and except as hereinafter contemplated in subsection 2.4.5 in respect of the Cdn Swingline Lender, the Cdn Revolving Loan of each Cdn Lender shall not exceed its Cdn Revolving Commitment.