Definition of CBCA Arrangement

CBCA Arrangement means an arrangement under the Canada Business Corporations Act whereby the properties and businesses of the Corporation are restructured to transfer certain businesses of Stelco to the General Partners, for and on behalf of the respective Limited Partnerships.

CBCA Arrangement means an arrangement under the provisions of the CBCA on the terms and conditions set forth in the CBCA Plan of Arrangement, subject to any amendment or supplement thereto made in accordance therewith, herewith or made at the direction of the Court in the CBCA Final Order;(p)

Examples of CBCA Arrangement in a sentence

Subject to the rights of termination contained in Section 6.02 hereof, upon the Peak Shareholders providing the Peak Shareholder Approval in accordance with the BC Interim Order, Peak obtaining the BC Final Order and the other conditions contained in Schedules E, F, G and H being complied with or waived, the BC Arrangement shall become effective upon of the Articles of Arrangement in respect of the CBCA Arrangement becoming effective.
Metallica will convene and hold a special meeting of its shareholders (including any adjournment, the “ Metallica Meeting”) as soon as possible for the purpose of approving the CBCA Arrangement (the “Metallica Resolution”) and in any event no later than June 24, 2008.