Category B Supplier definition

Category B Supplier means a supplier who supplies Goods or Services to Teys and those Goods or Services:
Category B Supplier means a supplier who supplies Goods or Services to Teys and those Goods or Services: (i) have indirect contact with Teys’ Products; and(ii) may detrimentally affect the food safety of Teys’ Products. “Claims” means:

Related to Category B Supplier

  • Product category means the applicable category which best describes the product as listed in this Section 94508.

  • licensed water supplier means a company which is the holder for the time being of a water supply licence under Section 17A(1) of the 1991 Act(f);

  • service supplier means any person that supplies a service;

  • Major Supplier means a supplier which has the ability to materially affect the terms of participation (having regard to price and supply) in the relevant market for basic telecommunications services as a result of:

  • Other Supplier means any supplier to the Customer (other than the Supplier) which is notified to the Supplier from time to time and/or of which the Supplier should have been aware;

  • Product Group or “the Group” means a group of lotteries that has joined together to offer a product pursuant to the terms of the Multi-State Lottery Agreement and the Product Group’s own rules.

  • Data Supplier means a third party supplier of Market Data.

  • Contractor/Supplier means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigns approved by the Purchaser.

  • Top Suppliers has the meaning set forth in Section 3.23(b).

  • Approved Vendor means the entity approved by the IPA under the ABP to be eligible for an award of an Agreement (as a Seller) under the ABP.

  • Third Party Supplier means a third party manufacturer and/or licensor of Products.

  • Former Supplier a supplier supplying services to the Customer before the Relevant Transfer Date that are the same as or substantially similar to the Services (or any part of the Services) and shall include any sub-contractor of such supplier (or any sub-contractor of any such sub-contractor);

  • Product Schedule means PTC’s standard order form entitled “PTC Product Schedule” (including all schedules, attachments and other document(s) specifically referenced therein) or such alternative order form as may be submitted by Customer and accepted by PTC, in each case that specifies (i) the Licensed Products and/or Services ordered; and (ii) for Licensed Products, the installation address (including the Designated Country) and the Licence Term.

  • fuel supplier means the entity supplying fuel to the market responsible for passing fuel or energy through an excise duty point or, where no excise is due, any other relevant entity designated by a Member State;

  • Product Inventory means all inventory owned as of the Closing by Seller or any Affiliate thereof of finished Product that is in conformance with the Specifications and has an expiration date of October 1, 2016 or later, regardless of whether such inventory is held at a location or facility of Seller or any Affiliate (or of any other Person on behalf of Seller or any Affiliate, including in any of Seller’s warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or consignees) or in transit to or from Seller or any Affiliate (or any such other Person).

  • Approved Vendor List means a list of approved vendors established under Section 63G-6a-507.

  • Supplier Group shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.03.

  • Framework Suppliers means the suppliers (including the Supplier) appointed under this Framework Agreement or agreements on the same or similar terms to this Framework Agreement as part of this Framework;

  • Product Manufacturer means the entity that assembles the component parts to manufacture the final Product;

  • Product name means the name of the commercial feed which identifies it as to kind, class or specific use.

  • Supplier means the successful bidder who is awarded the contract to maintain and administer the required and specified service(s) to the State.

  • Network Supply Point or “NSP” means a point of connection between:

  • End-Use Customer means a person or entity in Delaware that purchases electrical energy at retail prices from a Retail Electricity Supplier.

  • Clinical categories means the groups into which hospital treatments are categorised by type, e.g., brain and nervous system, kidney and bladder, and digestive system. At the time of writing there were 38 categories in the Medicare clinical categories system.

  • Bidder/Channel Partner means an eligible entity/firm submitting the Bid in response to this RFP.

  • Travel Supplier means any entity or organization that coordinates or supplies travel services for You.