Casual Dress definition

Casual Dress means non-uniform; however, students wishing to remain in uniform on non-uniform days may do so. Dress may be casual, but should still adhere to the Dress Code policy and reflect personal and school pride. Clothing should be neat, clean, un-torn, and appropriate for school. Any student in non-uniform must ensure that the choice of dress covers at least as much of the body as would the uniform. Students whose clothing is inappropriate may be sent home for the remainder of the day. The administration reserves the right to determine which clothing is inappropriate.

Examples of Casual Dress in a sentence

  • Students making up time must wear the prescribed uniform for their program, unless the dress code for the day states otherwise (Casual Dress Day).

  • Casual Dress includes relaxed wear, sportswear or athletic wear that is modest and in good taste.

  • Alternative Dress Code Days Casual Dress – Clothing should be appropriate for school and of a modest nature.

  • Students making up time during the week must wear the prescribed uniform for their program, unless the dress code for the day states otherwise (Casual Dress Day).

  • However, if a business meeting is scheduled to take place on a Casual Dress Day,employees are expected to dress in businesslike attire.

  • If Friday is a holiday and City Hall is closed, the Thursday before will be the designated Casual Dress Day.

  • The above guidelines apply to Casual Dress Days.This policy/procedure/manual does not in any way constitute an employment contract; and the City of Wisconsin Rapids reserves the right to amend this policy/procedure/manual at any time, subject to approval by the Common Council.

  • Students making up time on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) may wear clothes that conform to the College’s Casual Dress Day rules.

  • Casual Dress: is permitted in settings where the public is not expected to be present.

  • Footwear for Casual Dress Days: * Shoes and socks MUST be worn at all times (this includes during field week).

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