Cash Flow Positive definition

Cash Flow Positive means that the Company has achieved net positive cash flow from operations (determined in accordance with GAAP after deducting capital expenditures in an aggregate amount not to exceed $500,000) of at least $750,000 for three (3) consecutive fiscal quarters
Cash Flow Positive means Quarterly EBITDA in an amount greater than $0.00, and "Cash Flow Positive Amount" shall mean any such amount.

Examples of Cash Flow Positive in a sentence

Cash / ST Investments $226M* Accounts Receivable $44M Questcor is Cash Flow Positive Debt-free balance sheet Debt-free balance sheet *After return of $78 million of cash to shareholders through share repurchases.

The Company shall pay Interest in cash by wire transfer of immediately available funds; provided, however, that prior to the date on which the Company becomes Cash Flow Positive, it may, in lieu of paying interest in cash on any Scheduled Interest Payment Date, pay interest “in kind” (a “PIK Amount”), which shall be capitalized and added on each Scheduled Interest Payment Date to the then outstanding principal amount of this Note.

Twenty-five percent (25%) of the Monthly Payment will be deferred until the Company becomes Cash Flow Positive or other mutually agreed-upon financial objectives are met at which time the deferred amount will be paid in full.

Net Revenues Up Significantly Over Last Year, Cash Flow Positive ResultsMIAMI – May 15, 2014 – Net Element, Inc.

Subject to Section 3.6, at any time following delivery of a Cash Flow Positive Notice, for so long as Borrowers remain Cash Flow positive, Borrowers may deliver to Lender a written notice of request of issuance of an Additional Advance.

More Definitions of Cash Flow Positive

Cash Flow Positive means that, for a fiscal period, the Company’s cash flows from operating activities is positive (i.e., net cash is provided by operating activities as opposed to net cash being used by operating activities) for such period, as determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles consistently applied.