captive animal definition

captive animal means any animal (not being a domestic animal) which is in capacity or confinement, whether permanent or temporary, or which is subjected to any appliance of contrivance for the purpose of hindering or preventing its escape from captivity or confinement or which is pinioned or which is or appears to be. maimed;
captive animal means a domestic or wild animal confined within a space continuously or intermittently and includes an animal kept in a cage, zoo, wildlife sanctuary, an emerging livestock breeding centre or a farm;
captive animal means any wild animal, specified in Schedule I,II,III or IV, which is captured, kept or bred in captivity.

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captive animal means any animal which breeds in captivity or in confined or captured circumstances ;
captive animal means any animal, specified in Schedule I, Schedule II, Schedule III or Schedule IV, which is captured or kept or bred in captivity.

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