Definition of Candelaria

Candelaria means Compania Contractual Minera Candelaria, a Chilean contractual mining company.
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Examples of Candelaria in a sentence

We wrote off $1,551,099 deferred exploration cost related to the Candelaria concession in 1998.
The Candelaria option agreement required us to make substantial cash payments to the owner and, in addition, assume certain debts of the owner related to this concession.
During 1998, an additional 2,537 meters of core drilling was completed on the Vera Cruz West Zone situated within the Candelaria concession which at that time was part of the Santa Isabel property.
As a result, effective September 7, 1998, we abandoned our option on the Candelaria concession which covered a 200 hectare portion of the Santa Isabel property.
Although a significant portion of the work on the Santa Isabel property had been conducted on the Candelaria concession, management concluded that continuing with the Candelaria option agreement on the existing terms could not be justified.