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called means, when used in the context of assessments pursuant to this article, an authorized assessment for which a notice has been issued by the fund to member insurers requiring payment within the time set forth in the notice.
called the Company” whose address is Telephone Telefax Telex In respect of the flag ship Described in Schedule 1 hereto (”the Ship”)
called means, when used in the context of assessments pursuant

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called means that a notice has been mailed by the association to member insurers requiring that an authorized assessment be paid within the time set out in the notice;
called the Cost") of the carrying out of the works and alterations the subject of the Section 3 Notice pay to the Landlord a sum equal to 105% of the Cost.
called. Defaulted Interest") shall forthwith cease to be payable to the registered Holder thereof on the relevant Regular Record Date by virtue of having been such Holder, and such Defaulted Interest may be paid by the Company, at its election in each case, as provided in clause (1) or (2) below:
called means that the referee has assessed the value of the score thrown and “called” the score to the “Marker” as the official score achieved.
called shall indicate the adoption for purposes of simplification and convenience of certain terms and expressions which will thereafter sometimes be used in this Agreement. (d) "Persons" shall include corporations, trusts, associations and partnerships, as well as natural persons. (e) "Journal stock" shall mean the capital stock of the Company and in the event of the reorganization or recapitalization of the Company, whatever voting stock shall most nearly correspond to the present capital stock of the Company. (f) "Stockholder-Eligible" shall mean each of the persons named as First Parties in the preamble of this Agreement so long as such persons shall hold any shares of Journal stock and shall include the successor or successors of each such person in the ownership of Journal stock. (g) "Employee" shall mean every person now or at any time hereafter employed in the service of one or more of the Employers, including the officers of any of the Employers, so long as they shall be so employed or on leave of absence duly granted. A director as such
called means ARAMARK's option to purchase Common Stock from the holder thereof referred to in Sections 6 and 7 hereof.