Definition of Buildings Square Footage

Buildings Square Footage means the total gross square footage of any and all Buildings on a Lot, and without deduction therefrom for square footage which is customarily deemed in the real estate and/or leasing profession in the state of California as "non-rental square footage" or "non-rentable space." As used herein the total gross square footage of a Buildings shall consist of the total square footage within the exterior walls of each floor of the Buildings, less the square footage of any structures which protrude from the plane formed by the exterior walls of the Buildings, including without limitation, roof overhangs, loading docks, and truck aprons, if any.

Examples of Buildings Square Footage in a sentence

However, any and all Assessments payable thereafter and which are based on the Gross Square Footage of a Lot, Gross Square Footage of the Property, and/or Buildings Square Footage shall be prorated on the basis of the recalculated Lot and Property Gross Square Footage and Buildings Square Footage after the aforesaid deduction and shall be paid on the basis thereof.
Following the condemnation of any Owner's Lot and a Buildings thereon, or portions thereof ("Condemnation"), the Board shall deduct from the Lot and Property Gross Square Footage and the Buildings Square Footage the total square footage of the condemned Lot and Buildings thereon, or any portions thereof, and shall notify each Owner in writing of the results of such calculation.