Brucellosis definition

Brucellosis means the disease of brucellosis in animals.
Brucellosis means bovine brucellosis.
Brucellosis means the contagious, infectious, and communicable disease caused by bacteria of the genus brucellae also known as bangs disease, undulant fever, and contagious abortion.

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Brucellosis reactors from this state may be imported to that adjacent state for slaughter under equivalent terms and conditions.

Brucellosis test sample collection and testing shall comply with the brucellosis uniform methods and rules.

For VS there is a legislative requirement that Brucellosis Eradication Programs contain a minimum cost matching by States of at least 40 percent.

Provide context for risk comparisons of prevalence of Brucellosis in park bison 2000- 2008NPS will bring this to the next meeting (PJ)Available by 9-8-08Create big map(s) on plotter that show this layered information the partners need to reach agreement on 08-09 operations plan.

NOTE: Targets for commercial sow samples from the 29 largest swine States are set nationally and monitored by staff and the Kentucky Federal Brucellosis Laboratory (KYFBL) personnel.

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Brucellosis means the contagious, infectious and com- municable disease caused by bacteria of the genus Brucella.
Brucellosis. (Bang’s disease) shall mean the disease wherein an animal is infected with the Brucella organisms, irrespective of the occurrence or absence of an abortion. An animal shall be declared infected with brucellosis if it reacts to a serological test made in an approved laboratory or if the Brucella organisms have been found in the body or its secretions or discharges.
Brucellosis means an infectious disease of animals and humans caused by Brucella abortus.
Brucellosis means the disease caused by Brucella abortus, otherwise known as contagious abortion;
Brucellosis means the disease wherein an animal is infected with Brucella organisms (including Brucella Abortus, B. Melitensis and B. Suis), irrespective of the occurrence or absence of abortion or other symptoms. An animal shall be declared affected with brucellosis if it is classified as a reactor to a serological test for the disease, or if the Brucella organism has been found in the body, its secretions or discharges. The State Veterinarian is hereby authorized and empowered to set up a program for the vaccination of calves in accordance with the recommendations of the Brucellosis Committee of the United States Livestock Sanitary Association, and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture, when in his opinion vaccination is necessary for the control and eradication of brucellosis. Vaccinated animals shall be permanently identified by tattooing or other methods approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture. Above the ages designated by regulation of the Board of Agriculture, all such vaccinates classified as reactors on an official test for brucellosis, shall be considered as affected with brucellosis and shall be branded with the letter "B" in accordance with G.S. 106-390. It shall be unlawful to sell, offer for sale, distribute, or use brucellosis vaccine or any product containing live Brucella organisms, except as provided for in regulations adopted by the Board of Agriculture.
Brucellosis means a disease of cattle, goats, and swine caused by the bacterium Brucella.
Brucellosis means the disease wherein an animal is infected with Brucella micro-organisms irrespective of the occurrence or absence of clinical signs.