Definition of Brett Resources

Brett Resources means Brett Resources Inc. a company incorporated in Canada and having its registered office at 900-475 Howe Street, Vancouver BC, Canada;

Examples of Brett Resources in a sentence

The property was acquired by OMC following the take-over of Brett Resources Inc.
In consideration of the entry by the Parties into this Deed, Condor guarantees to each of Brett Resources and Exploracion Lucero the due and punctual performance of the obligations of MMS under the MOU.
Regarding the latter point, the Corporation announced on March 22, 2010, a friendly take over bid to acquire Brett Resources Inc.
Mr. Tagami was or is currently an officer and/or director of the following public companies: Company and Position From Until Keegan Resources Inc., President & CEO, Director July 2009 Present Brett Resources Inc.
On May 10, 2005, the Company withdrew from the letter agreement which was signed on February 28, 2005, between the Company and Brett Resources Inc.