BRELP definition

BRELP means Brookfield Renewable Energy L.P.;
BRELP means Brookfield Renewable Energy L.P., an exempted limited partnership existing under the law of Bermuda;
BRELP means Brookfield Renewable Energy L.P., an exempted partnership formed under the laws of Bermuda.

Examples of BRELP in a sentence

  • Accordingly, Brookfield Renewable consolidates the accounts of BRELP and its subsidiaries.

  • Each of the parties hereto acknowledges that BRELP is a limited partnership and that there is no recourse to the limited partners of BRELP.

  • The policies of BRELP must also impose appropriate obligations on the entities in which it invests.

  • Both the Managing General Partner and the general partner of BRELP will fulfill their responsibilities regarding the evaluation of risks and internal controls through receiving and evaluating reports on such matters from entities in which they invest.

  • Accordingly, the Board performs its functions principally through requiring that the general partner of BRELP perform comparable functions in respect of BRELP, including adopting policies in respect of communications and disclosure and corporate governance that are comparable to those of the Managing General Partner.

  • Subject to the provisions of Section 5.4, which shall continue to be applicable to the Persons referred to therein, regardless of whether such Persons shall also be Limited Partners, any Limited Partner shall be entitled to and may have interests and engage in activities in addition to activities relating to the Partnership, including interests and activities in direct competition with the Partnership or BRELP.

  • The Partnership’s main purpose is to hold limited partnership interests of BRELP.

  • Xxxxxx agrees to pay eighteen (18%) percent per annum (1.5% monthly) if payment occurs thereafter.

  • Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, if and to the extent that the Partnership raises funds by way of the issuance of equity or debt securities, or otherwise, pursuant to a public offering, private placement or otherwise, the General Partner shall cause such funds to be invested in securities of BRELP in accordance with the terms of the BRELP Agreement.

  • Brookfield Renewable’s consolidated equity interests include the non-voting LP Units held by public LP Unitholders and Brookfield, Redeemable/Exchangeable limited partnership units in BRELP, a holding subsidiary of Brookfield Renewable, held by Brookfield, and GP interest in BRELP held by Brookfield.

More Definitions of BRELP

BRELP has the meaning assigned thereto in the preamble;
BRELP has the meaning ascribed thereto in the preamble;
BRELP means Brookfield Renewable Energy L.P. “Environmental, Social, and Governance”:

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