Definition of Borrower Subsidiary Guarantors

Borrower Subsidiary Guarantors means all Restricted Subsidiaries other than the Excluded Borrower Subsidiaries.
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Examples of Borrower Subsidiary Guarantors in a sentence

Borrower agrees that Borrower will comply, and cause Subsidiary Guarantors to comply, in all material respects, with all laws, ordinances, regulations, and rules (federal, state, and local) and all judgments, orders, and decrees of any arbitrator, other private adjudicator, or Governmental Authority relating to Borrower, Subsidiary Guarantors, the Collateral or the other assets, business, or operations of Borrower and Subsidiary Guarantors.
Administrative Agent and Lenders will, upon request after payment of the indebtedness and obligations which are the subject of this guaranty and termination of the Commitments, confirm to Borrower, Subsidiary Guarantors or any other Person that the such indebtedness and obligations have been paid and the Commitments relating thereto terminated, subject to the provisions of Subsection 9.19(B).
Borrower also agrees to comply and cause Subsidiary Guarantors to comply, in all material respects with all material agreements, documents, and instruments to which Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor is a party or by which Borrower, Subsidiary Guarantors, or the Collateral, or any of the other assets of Borrower and Subsidiary Guarantors are bound or affected.
OBLIGORS means Borrower, Subsidiary Guarantors, and each other Person obligated to pay any of the Obligation or on any of whose assets any Credit Party has a Lien to secure the Obligation.
The Borrower shall, or shall cause one or more of the Borrower Subsidiary Guarantors to, at all times maintain the Earnings Accounts, and each Earnings Account shall at all times be in the name of the Borrower or a Borrower Subsidiary Guarantor and be subject to an account control agreement (or other comparable arrangements under U.K. law or other laws acceptable to the Pari Passu Collateral Agent).