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Bobst means, collectively, Dan Bobst and Jennifer Bobst.

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The mission of the Bobst Center for Peace & Justice is to advance the cause of peace and justice through mutual understanding and respect for all ethnic traditions and religious faiths, both within countries and across national borders.

Innovations for Successful Societies (ISS) is a joint program of Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs and the Bobst Center for Peace & Justice.

To the extent necessary, and without recourse or personal liability of any kind, Bobst also guarantees the Reorganized Debtors’ and the Consolidated Estate’s obligation to those Creditors entitlement to payment from the Plan Funding.

Memorandum Concerning an Emergency Institute for Advanced Training in Basic and Applied Sciences,” 18 July 1941, Courant Papers, Bobst Library, New York University.

In addition, Jennifer Bobst also received a salary of $98,999.90, which was earned for services performed.

Other New York City Libraries The resources of the research collections of the New York Public Library (5th Avenue at 42nd Street) and New York University's Bobst Library (70 Washington Square South) are also available to Barnard faculty through the Manhattan Research Library Initiative (MaRLI).

A copy is also available for viewing at the Puck building.(3) Journal articles (available from Bobst Library online)(4) Internet (where a link is available) and/or Blackboard (posted by lecture number).

So long as the Reorganized Debtors are not in default under the Plan, the Reorganized Debtors have no intention of prosecuting any cause of action against Bobst.

As demonstrated in its Statement of Financial Affairs, in response to question 4, Debtor Trendsetter HR, LLC disclosed the following payments made to Daniel Bobst in the year prior to bankruptcy: 1) $666,642.26 in credit card reimbursements from operation of the business; and 2)$126,199.90 in salary.

Course readings are available as follows: (1) Bookstore and Reserve Room of Bobst Library Required:R.

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