Biologicals definition

Biologicals means any preparation made from organisms or micro-organisms or product of metabolism and biochemical reactions intended for use in the diagnosis, immunisation or the treatment of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto;
Biologicals means preparations made from living organisms or their products, including vaccines, cultures, or other biological products intended for use in diagnosing, immunizing, or treating humans or animals or in research pertaining to these activities.
Biologicals means medicinal preparations made from living organisms and their products, including serums, vaccines, antigens, and antitoxins.

Examples of Biologicals in a sentence

  • Joel Kremer, “COMET’s Path, and the New Biologicals in Rheumatoid Arthritis,” 372 The Lancet 347‐ 348 (August 2008), available at 6736(08)61001-6/abstract.

  • The immunogenicity of a booster dose of reduced-antigen content diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-inactivated poliovirus vaccine (Tdap- IPV; GSK Biologicals Boostrix™-Polio; 3-component pertussis) was compared with full-strength DTPa-IPV vaccine (sanofi-pasteur-MSD Tetravac; 2-component pertussis) in 303 pre-school Italian children.

  • The discovery research was performed by Structured Biologicals at UCLA School of Medicine and was based, in essence, on the use of extremely small, solid, uniform particles as components that could increase the stability of drugs and act as systems to deliver drugs into the body.

  • Biologicals are substances made from a living organism or its products that are used to prevent, diagnose, treat, or relieve symptoms of a disease.

  • Combined R&D capabilities of both the businesses with diverse specialization on Agro Chemicals and Biologicals would help in delivering new products which can offer unique positioning in the market.

More Definitions of Biologicals

Biologicals means a biological product used in the prevention or treatment of disease.
Biologicals means products such as antitoxins, antiuenins, blood, blood derivatives, immune serums, immunologic diagnostic aids, toxoids, vaccines and related articles that are produced under license in accordance with the terms of the Federal Public Health Service Act (58 Stat. 682) approved 7/1/44, as amended;
Biologicals means medicinal compounds prepared from living organisms and the product of living organisms such as serums, vaccines, antigens, and antitoxins.
Biologicals means biological drugs as defined in Schedule-I;
Biologicals means)) - Medicinal preparations including serum, vaccine autotoxins, and biotechnological drugs made from living organisms and their products.
Biologicals means any and all naturally occurring or synthetically produced biological organisms which prevent, destroy, repel or mitigate any Pest, or accelerate or retard the rate of growth, germination or maturation, or otherwise protect, or alter the behavior of, seeds, stored grains or plants or the products thereof.
Biologicals means medicinal preparations made from living organisms and their products, including serums, vaccines, antigens, antitoxins, etc.Caseload equivalent” means a metric that assigns weights to the number of clients on a caseload based on the planned frequency of their participation in treatment to determine what constitutes a maximum caseload. For example, the metric accounts for the fact that clients in their initial phase of treatment may be seen with more frequency than a client being seen for continuing care or ongoing disease management. The participating client equivalents are determined in the following manner: A client seen once per week would count as 1.0 client equivalent; a client seen bi-weekly would count as a .5 client equivalent; a client seen monthly or less would count as a .25 client equivalent. As an example, a counselor has 15 clients that are seen weekly (counts as 15 equivalent clients), 30 clients seen biweekly (counts as 15 equivalent clients), and 8 clients seen monthly (counts as 2 equivalent clients). The counselor would have a total caseload of 53 individual clients equaling 32 equivalent clients.