Big Dog definition

Big Dog means Big Dog Drilling Co., LLC, a Nevada limited liability company.
Big Dog means Big Dog USA, Inc., a California corporation.

Examples of Big Dog in a sentence

  • In connection with the Quarterly Report of Big Dog Holdings, Inc.

  • The PA has made the strategic choice to reform key areas of its Village Support program, focusing on institutional strengthening and reforming the financing mechanism to improve service delivery in villages.

  • The undersigned registered owner of this Warrant hereby certifies that it is not an "underwriter" as that term is defined in Section 1145(b) of the United States Bankruptcy Code, and indemnifies and holds Big Dog Holdings, Inc.

  • Once the pet passes the trial, said pet is allowed into Big Dog Camp or Tiny Tot Camp on the trial day if the pet is comfortable.

  • The grand prize winner of any previous Big Dog 92-7 Next Big Thing competition will be ineligible to participate.

  • In addition, Great Wall Motor built strong connections with users and allowed them to name its products, and thus created a number of popular models, including Haval Big Dog, TANK 300 and ORA series.

  • This competition is produced by SaskMusic on behalf of Big Dog 92-7.

  • The Big Dog Partner Program includes two levels: PROGRAM BIG DOG Big Dogs have achieved proven success with ZoneFlex solutions and are committed to the continued adoption of Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technologies.

  • Navigational aids are located on Flinders Island (including Holloway Point Navigational Light at the mouth of North East River), Little Green Island, Big Dog Island, Vansittart Island, Apple Orchard Point and Kangaroo Island.

  • Special thanks go to the members of Team Caltech without whose contributions this work would not have been possible.This work was supported in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under contract HR0011-06-C-0146, the California Institute of Technology, Big Dog Ventures, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Mohr Davidow Ventures and Ap- planix Inc.

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Big Dog. Big Dog Motorcycles", "Big Dog Service Center", and "Big Dog Motorcycles & Design" in favor of Motorcycles. The License is a license of the Marks solely in conjunction with motorcycles and motorcycle related products and services. Agent acknowledges and agrees that its Liens in and to the Marks is subject to the rights of Motorcycles under the License and that any exercise of remedies of Agent with respect to its Liens in and to the Marks would not interfere with the right of Motorcyles to enjoy the benefits of the License.

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  • Marine All Risk" Insurance against any loss or damage to the R350HT Rails and the Spare Parts, arising out of, in course of, or caused by any risk in respect of the transport of the R350HT Rails and the Spare Parts. The policy shall apply from the time of moving the R350HT Rails and the Spare Parts from the Supplier' warehouses / premises until arrival within the Site and vice versa, including loading and unloading, temporary and extended storage and all domestic inland and/or intermediate transits everywhere in the world (including within Israel) irrespective of the terms of sale. Settlement of claims will be made at 110% of the R350HT Rails and the Spare Parts DAP value. The Supplier undertakes, that a clause stating that in respect of loss or damage to the R350HT Rails, the insurance benefits shall be paid to the ISR and the Supplier as their interests may appear, and that ISR is included as loss payee under policy. The policy shall include a waiver of subrogation towards ISR and/or the Israeli Government and/or the IPM and/or anyone acting on their behalf, provided that the waiver of subrogation shall not apply in favor of a person who has maliciously caused the damage.

  • STC means an amount equal to the aggregate termination amounts payable pursuant to paragraph 30(i)(B) above, as determined by the Calculation Agent on the Breakage Cost Valuation Date, each termination amount being expressed as a positive number if payable by the Issuer to the relevant Swap Counterparty, and a negative number if payable by the relevant Swap Counterparty to the Issuer provided that, where such termination amounts are payable as a result of either (A) an Event of Default where the relevant Swap Counterparty is the Defaulting Party (in each case as defined in the Swap Agreements) or (B) any Additional Termination Event where the Swap Counterparty is the sole Affected Party (in each case as defined in the Swap Agreements), “STC” shall be capped at the amount (if any) by which MV exceeds an amount equal to the sum of the Adjusted Aggregate Nominal Amount and interest accrued on the Notes to the date of redemption.

  • COMAR means Code of Maryland Regulations.

  • ECO means ECO Holdings III Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership.

  • BT or "CT" under the column "LN FEATURE," indicating that the Mortgage Loan is secured by a second or vacation residence (the absence of any such code means the Mortgage Loan is secured by a primary residence);

  • ATS means an alternative trading system, as defined in Rule 300(a)(1) of Regulation ATS under the Exchange Act.

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