Bearing definition

Bearing means a table formed by vertical framing members and which forms a base for support of floor, ceiling and roof systems.
Bearing means Bearing Lithium Corp., a corporation incorporated under the BCBCA;
Bearing means the Superstructure support elements between the bridge seats and the Bridge Superstructure, composed of steel or rubber, that is either fixed allowing only rotational movements or expands allowing longitudinal and rotational movements.

Examples of Bearing in a sentence

  • The responsibilities of the Custodian to a Fund for Interest Bearing Deposits issued by the Custodian shall be that of a U.S. bank for a similar deposit.

  • The Custodian shall include in its records with respect to the assets of each Portfolio appropriate notation as to the amount and currency of each such Interest Bearing Bank Deposit, the accepting Banking Institution and all other appropriate details, and shall retain such forms of advice or receipt evidencing such account, if any, as may be forwarded to the Custodian by the Banking Institution.

  • Such Interest Bearing Deposits may be denominated in U.S. Dollars or other currencies, as the applicable Fund on behalf of its Portfolio may determine and direct pursuant to Proper Instructions.

  • With respect to Interest Bearing Deposits other than those accepted on the Custodian's books, (a) the Custodian shall be responsible for the collection of income as set forth in Section 2.15 and the transmission of cash and instructions to and from such accounts; and (b) the Custodian shall have no duty with respect to the selection of the Banking Institution or, so long as the Custodian acts in accordance with Proper Instructions, for the failure of such Banking Institution to pay upon demand.

  • Upon receipt of Proper Instructions, the Custodian shall take such reasonable actions as the applicable Fund deems necessary or appropriate to cause each such Interest Bearing Deposit Account to be insured to the maximum extent possible by all applicable deposit insurers including, without limitation, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

More Definitions of Bearing

Bearing in marine navigation terms means it is the direction of one object in relation to another. It is expressed in degrees from a point of reference and is measured clockwise from 000 degrees to 360 degrees.
Bearing means Bearing Finance Corp., a company incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia;
Bearing. All sleepers bearing firmly on ballast bed without appreciable deflection of any sleeper under load.
Bearing means, for the purposes of Schedule 5 [OMR and End of Term], the Superstructure support elements between the Bridge seats and the Bridge Superstructure and composed of steel, rubber or other materials and separated into two general categories as follows:
Bearing means that area of any structural unit of a building or structure which is in direct contact with the supports which receive the loads from that unit. (Part of Ord. passed 10/3/73: prior Code § 30.14(11)).
Bearing means the magnetically levitating bearing, motor and associated hardware covered by the pending claims of the Application or the issued claims of the Foundation Patent, along with the supporting software therefor.
Bearing means the magnetically levitating bearing, motor and associated hardware covered by the issued claims of the Foundation Patent, along with the supporting software therefore. Further, solely with respect to the Application, Foundation Patent and Bearing as defined above, this agreement is amended as follows: Escrow Agreement rev. 2 (5/31/02) SatCon (11-2002)