Definition of B&B Letter of Credit

B&B Letter of Credit means a Letter of Credit issued by BNP Paribas, Chicago Branch (formerly known as Banque Paribas) in favor of the Fifth Third Bank, as trustee, or any successor thereto (the "Trustee") for the benefit of the holders of those certain $2,400,000 Prince George's County, Maryland Variable Rate Demand/Fixed Rate Revenue Bonds (B&B Records Center, Inc. Facility) 1989 Issue as a replacement for the letter of credit issued by Crestar Bank in favor of the Trustee, in a face amount not to exceed $2,500,000, and issued under the Commitments, as such Letter of Credit may be renewed, extended or replaced.

Examples of B&B Letter of Credit in a sentence

Agreement is hereby amended by attaching a new Exhibit K (LOU Interim Crude Butadiene Sales Agreement), Exhibit AA (Assignment and Assumption Agreement (LOU-Related Agreements)), Exhibit BB (Letter of Credit) and Exhibits CC-1, CC-2 and CC-3 (Notices of Milestone), the forms of which are attached hereto as Exhibits D, E, F, G-1, G-2 and G-3, respectively, and by amending the List of Exhibits accordingly.