Bayan definition

Bayan in Mongolian language means “richlinked to the first part of the “Bayankhongor” province

Examples of Bayan in a sentence

Implemented Patrulya ng Bayan in clustered barangay for maintenance of peace and order in the municipality.

Conducted the meeting with Sangguniang Bayan and Department Head for the preparation for the implementation of General Community Quarantine.

Sangguniang Bayan conducted session to determine the grant of hazard to the employees and workers of LGU Baler.

Released EO 33 s 2020 Kautusang Nagpapatibay sa Pagsasailalaim sa Barangay San Bicolas , Bayan ng Bulakan, sa “Localized Enhanced Community Quarantine- Critical Zone”, mula ika-12:00 ng tanghali ng Hulyo 26 hanggang ika-12:00 ng tanghali ng Agosto 8, 2020.Kaalinsabay ang pag-aamyenda sa tuntunin a at 2 ng EO No. 32s 2020 na pinagtibay noong Hulyo 17, 2020.

Released EO No. 30 s 2020: Kautusang Nagpapatibay sa Paggamit ng “Zoning Classification Containment Strategy” at “Community Quarantine” sa Bayan ng Bulakan dddd.

Released EO No. 30 s 2020: Kautusang Nagpapatibay sa Pagdedeklara ng “Localized Enhanced Community Quarantine” sa Cattleya St., Purok Libo ng Barangay San Nicolas sa Bayan ng Bulakan, mula ika-12:00 ng tanghali ng Hulyo 18 hanggang ika-12:00 ng tanghali ng Hulyo 30, 2020 eeee.

The Sangguniang Bayan may provide exceptions if there is no alternative route.

Higit ding naging makulay ang ating pagdiriwang sa pakikiisa ng ating sister municipality, ang Miagao, Iloilo sa pangunguna ng kanilang Punong Bayan, Igg.

Bayan Northcott, ‘Review of Morton Feldman’s Neither’, The Sunday Telegraph (26 June 1977).

In addition to the burial permit, a certificate of death issued by the attending physician or Municipal Health Officer; or, if no medical officer is available, by the Municipal Mayor, Municipal Administrator, or any member of the Sangguniang Bayan shall be required.

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