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Samples, where requested, must be received in the BASD Business Office, 1516 Sycamore Street, Bethlehem PA 18017, within five (5) business days from date of request.

The School District believes that its “position is consistent with guidance from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, the National School Boards Association, our Solicitor and what the school district administration believe is fair and equitable under the circumstances.” BASD FAQ.

If approved, the gift is deposited in the BASD athletics fund for disbursement for expenses.

However, if an athlete or his/her parents wish NOT to have this information given out, they may request so in writing to the BASD athletic office prior to the first day of official practice for your sport.

As such the recommendation is for conditional approval subject to the completion of a planning obligation to secure the affordable housing, provision of a pedestrian route from the site across the unnamed road to facilitate access to the school and the retention and management of the open space.

Because of insurance/liability concerns alumni athletes should never be permitted to participate in practice or scrimmage situations against or with BASD athletes.

In addition, it is recommended that BASD booster clubs assume overseeing authority for camps/clinics and only compensate coaches for their services rather than placing the coach in the primary sponsorship role.

Coaches are encouraged to work with booster groups in a cooperative way and should become familiar with the BASD ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB HANDBOOK.

Prospective bidders should present to PAGCOR’s Cashier located at the Sixth (6th) Floor, PAGCOR Corporate Office, M.H. del Pilar Street corner Pedro Gil Street, Malate, Manila either the Bidding Fee Slip which may be secured from the BASD or a copy of this ITB in effecting payment for the Bidding Documents.

However, coaches are responsible to make clear public communication to athletes and their parents stating that attendance in any such camp orclinic will not guarantee an athlete any privilege in regard to their relationship with the coach’s BASD sports team.

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B-BBEE means broad-based black economic empowerment as defined in section 1 of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act;
QSE means a qualifying small business enterprise in terms of a code of good practice on black economic empowerment issued in terms of section 9 (1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act; (j) “rand value” means the total estimated value of a contract in Rand, calculated at the time of bid invitation, and includes all applicable taxes;
Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act means the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 2003 (Act No. 53 of 2003);
EME means an Exempted Micro Enterprise in terms of a code of good practice on black economic empowerment issued in terms of section 9 (1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act;
Services means those functional services ancillary to the supply of the goods, such as transportation and any other incidental services, such as installation, commissioning, provision of technical assistance, training, catering, gardening, security, maintenance and other such obligations of the supplier covered under the contract.
B-BBEE status level of contributor means the B-BBEE status of an entity in terms of a code of good practice on black economic empowerment, issued in terms of section 9(1) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act;
functionality means the ability of a tenderer to provide goods or services in accordance with specifications as set out in the tender documents.
Contract means the agreement that results from the acceptance of a bid by an organ of state;
bid means a written offer in a prescribed or stipulated form in response to an invitation by an organ of state for the provision of goods or services, through price quotations, advertised competitive bidding processes or proposals;
Day means calendar day.
Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.
rand value means the total estimated value of a contract in Rand, calculated at the time of bid invitation, and includes all applicable taxes;
CSDCC means the China Securities Depository and Clearing Co., Ltd. “CSRC” means the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
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We/Us/Our means TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited.
hostel means premises that are generally staffed by social workers or support providers and at which:
DTSC as used in this Permit means the California Department of Toxic Substances Control.
Gateway means a review which may be conducted by or for a government department into whether or not a programme, project or any activity is making progress in line with agreed objectives;
AASHTO means the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.
EFTSL’ has the same meaning as set out in item 1 of Schedule 1 of HESA;
Panchayat means an institution (by whatever name called) of self-government constituted under article 243B, for the rural areas;
NATA means the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia;
TMDL means the total maximum daily load limitation of a parameter, representing the estimated assimilative capacity for a water body before other designated uses are adversely affected. Mathematically, it is the sum of wasteload allocations for point sources, load allocations for non-point and natural background sources, and a margin of safety.
Brewer means a person engaged in manufacturing:
Poppy straw means all parts, except the seeds, of the opium poppy, after mowing.