Definition of B27 Purchase Agreement

B27 Purchase Agreement means that certain Purchase Agreement dated as of December 9, 2013, between the US Borrower, B27 and the other parties thereto, together with all exhibits, schedules and disclosure letters thereto.
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Examples of B27 Purchase Agreement in a sentence

The Arranger shall have received a true, correct and fully executed copy of the B27 Purchase Agreement.
The B27 Acquisition (including the payment of all amounts due and payable in connection with the consummation of the B27 Acquisition) shall be simultaneously consummated in accordance with the B27 Purchase Agreement without giving effect to any waivers, modifications, or consents thereof that are materially adverse to the Lenders (as reasonably determined by the Arranger) unless such waivers, modifications, or consents are approved in writing by the Arranger.