Definition of B Lenders

B Lenders means any holder of a B Note and its successors and assigns.

Examples of B Lenders in a sentence

The Term B Borrowing shall consist of Term B Loans made simultaneously by the Term B Lenders in accordance with their respective Term B Commitments.
The Canadian Sub-Agent shall be subject to each of the obligations in this Agreement to be performed by the Administrative Agent, and each of TCCI and the Tranche B Lenders agrees that the Canadian Sub-Agent shall be entitled to exercise each of the rights and shall be entitled to each of the benefits of the Administrative Agent under this Agreement as relate to the performance of its obligations hereunder.
Ratable distributions among the Tranche B Lenders under this Section 8.7 shall be made based on the ratio of the individual Tranche B Lender's Commitment for Tranche B Loans to the aggregate of all the Tranche B Lenders' Commitments for Tranche B Loans.
Ratable distributions among the Lenders (in situations where the Tranche A Lenders are not differentiated from the Tranche B Lenders) shall be made based on the ratio of the individual Lender's Commitment to the aggregate of all the Lenders' Commitments.
Anything in Section 2.15(a) to the contrary notwithstanding, TCCI may not select a Drawing if the obligation of the Tranche B Lenders to purchase and accept Bankers' Acceptances shall then be suspended pursuant to Section 2.15(e) or 3.2(b).