Definition of B-1 Loan

B-1 Loan means an Additional B-1 Loan or a Loan in respect of a B-1 Loan Commitment that is deemed made pursuant to Section 2.01(e)(i).

Examples of B-1 Loan in a sentence

No amount of any Tranche B-1 Loan which is repaid or prepaid by the Borrower may be reborrowed hereunder.
Immediately after the effectiveness of the First Amendment, each Lender having a Term B-1 Commitment severally agrees to make a Term B-1 Loan to the Borrower, which Term B-1 Loans shall not exceed, for any such Lender, the Term B-1 Commitment of such Lender.
On the Term B-1 Loan Maturity Date, all Term B-1 Loans shall be repaid in full.
Each Borrowing of Term B-1 Loans under this Agreement shall be granted by the Lenders pro rata on the basis of their then-applicable Term B-1 Loan Commitments with respect to the applicable Class.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the case of any Eurocurrency Term B-1 Loan Borrowings, the Adjusted LIBO Rate will be deemed to be 0.75% per annum if the Adjusted LIBO Rate calculated pursuant to the foregoing provisions would otherwise be less than 0.75% per annum.