Definition of AZ Know-How

AZ Know-How means all Information (excluding any published AZ Patents) that is Controlled as of the Effective Date or thereafter during the Term by AZ and/or its Affiliates and is reasonably necessary for the development, Manufacture, use, importation, offer for sale or sale of the Compound or Product(s) in the Field, including any such Information made by or on behalf of AZ or its Affiliates or Sublicensees in the course of performing AZs obligations or exercising AZs rights under this Agreement which is Controlled by AZ or such Affiliates. For clarity, the use of Affiliate in this definition shall exclude any Third Party that becomes an Affiliate due to such Third Partys acquisition of AZ.
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Examples of AZ Know-How in a sentence

AZ shall, at no cost to Rigel, transfer or transition to Rigel all AZ Know-How to the extent that such AZ Know-How covers or is incorporated into Rigel Compounds or corresponding Products that are being Exploited in the Territory as of the effective date of termination.
For the purposes of this Section 10.1(g) Existing Technology Patents or Know-How shall mean with respect to Array the Array Existing Technology, the Array Patents and the Array Know-How and with respect to AZ the AZ Existing Technology, the AZ Patents and the AZ Know-How.