Australian Borrower definition

Australian Borrower means Apache Energy Limited and each other Person that becomes a borrower under the Australian Credit Agreement.
Australian Borrower means a Foreign Subsidiary Borrower that is a resident of Australia for the purposes of the Australian Tax Act.
Australian Borrower means any Borrower who is a resident of Australia for the purposes of the Australian Tax Act, or the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Australia), as the context requires.

Examples of Australian Borrower in a sentence

Whenever any Australian Borrower desires funding of a Borrowing of Revolver Loans, the Asian Loan Party Agent shall give Agent, Bank of America (Australia) and Bank of America (Hong Kong) a Notice of Borrowing.

Each Australian Borrower declares and undertakes to the Agent that the processing of any request for a Borrowing or Australian Letter of Credit by the Agent in accordance with an Australian Borrower’s instructions will not breach any laws or regulations in Australia.

The provisions of Section 5.8 (other than this Section 5.8.5) shall not apply, and instead the provisions of this Section 5.8.5 shall apply, to any advance under any Loan Document to any Australian Borrower or any other Borrower required to withhold tax in accordance with Australian law (each a “Relevant Borrower” for purposes of this Section 5.8.5).

Each Australian Borrower acknowledges that each Australian Fronting Bank’s willingness to issue any Australian Letter of Credit is conditioned upon such Australian Fronting Bank’s receipt of an Australian LC Application with respect to the requested Australian Letter of Credit, as well as such other instruments and agreements as such Australian Fronting Bank may customarily require for issuance of a letter of credit of similar type and amount.

The Australian Borrower may convert and continue BBSY Rate Loans and BKBM Rate Loans in accordance with the Australian Revolving Facility Agreement.

More Definitions of Australian Borrower

Australian Borrower means ACCO Brands Australia Holding Pty. Ltd., a Foreign Subsidiary of Holdings formed under the laws of Australia.
Australian Borrower means Matrix Applied Technologies Pty Ltd (ACN 089 397 982), an Australian corporation.
Australian Borrower means Apache Energy Limited and Apache Oil Australia.
Australian Borrower means HBI Australia Acquisition Co. Pty Ltd and, with respect to the Australian Revolving Facility Agreement, any Australian Subsidiary who accedes to the Australian Revolving Facility Agreement as a borrower thereunder.
Australian Borrower means a Borrower incorporated in Australia.
Australian Borrower means each of Interface Australia, Interface Australia Holdings and any Australian Subsidiary that becomes a Designated Borrower pursuant to Section 2.16 after the Signing Date.
Australian Borrower means (i) the Initial Australian Borrower and (ii) any other Borrower that is resident in Australia for tax purposes.