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Australia Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.9.
Australia Agreement has the meaning set out in Section 4.5.

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  • Liberty to ApplyAppendix - Resolution of Disputes Requirement Schedule "A" RespondentsSchedule "B" Awards Replaced Schedule "C" - Named Union PartySchedule “D”- Australian Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Western Australia Agreement 1996 Appendix - S.49B - Inspection Of Records Requirements 2A.

  • The deadline for the Member States to transpose the PNR Directive into national law expired on 25 May 2018.Article 24(6) of the EU-PNR Australia Agreement envisages the Parties’ consultation if and when an EU PNR system is adopted to determine whether this Agreement would need to be adjusted accordingly to ensure full reciprocity.

  • The Commission adopted Reports119 on the Joint Evaluations of the existing international agreements on PNR with US and Australia, as well as on the Joint Review of the EU- Australia Agreement.

  • Western AustraliaThe Western Australia Agreement involves the Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA), the state of Western Australia and the WA Local Government Managers’ Association (WALGA 2010).

  • The Australia Agreement does however contain an express prohibition on the processing of sensitive data,60 which the Advocate Gen- eral had underscored as suggesting that the Canada Agreement’s objectives could be attained just as effectively without any sensitive data being transferred.

  • Despite meeting a number of the Court’s requirements, the EU team notes that despite thenumerous safeguards contained therein, several aspects of the Agreement are not fully in line1/15with the Opinion of the Court of Justice on the envisaged EU-Canada PNR Agreementas the Australia Agreement was concluded before the Court delivered its Opinion.

  • The Agreement was signed in Brussels and Canberra on 25 and 31 January 1994 respectively.19 The EC – Australia Agreement provides a definition of geographical indications20 and limits the scope of the protection to names specified in Annex II to the Agreement.

  • The Australia Agreement might well be satisfactory in relation to “terrorist offences” and “serious transnational crime” (as defined in Art.

  • SCHEDULE 1Effective Date (to be completed by FSC Australia): Agreement Terminates twelve calendar months after this date.

  • These services, in addition to Academic Advisement, allow students to reach their academic goals in an individualized learning environment.Tutoring and advisement services are offered for students who qualify under HEOP (Arthur O.

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  • Main Agreement means the part of this Agreement that commences on the first page and ends with but includes Schedule A, excluding Section 3(d) (which incorporates this Schedule C into the Agreement).

  • Framework Agreement means the framework agreement between the Authority and the Supplier referred to in the Order Form;

  • Factoring Agreement means an agreement by and between a Borrower or a Subsidiary of a Borrower and a Factoring Company pursuant to which a Borrower or such Subsidiary shall, pursuant to customary terms for the size and type of transaction involved, sell, transfer and assign its rights, title and interests in certain accounts receivable, specifically identified therein, to a Factoring Company.

  • international agreement means the Multilateral Convention for Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters, any bilateral or multilateral Tax Convention, or any Tax Information Exchange Agreement to which the Member State is a party, and that by its terms provides legal authority for the exchange of tax information between jurisdictions, including automatic exchange of such information.

  • Licence Agreement means an agreement (whether or not in writing) between the owner of student accommodation and a student giving a licence to the student;

  • Wage Agreement means the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1988, as amended from time to time and any successor agreement.

  • Athlete Agreement means the agreement that must be completed by any Athlete wishing to be considered for nomination and selection to the Games Team in accordance with clause8.4 of the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation.

  • Secondment Agreement means that certain Services and Secondment Agreement, dated as of the Closing Date, between Anadarko and the General Partner, as such may be amended, supplemented and restated from time to time.

  • Existing Management Agreement means that certain management agreement between the Seller and the Existing Manager for the operation and management of the Hotel.

  • Existing Agreement The Distribution Agreement between ALPS and the Fund dated April 16, 2018, as amended “ALPS” ALPS Distributors, Inc. “Fund” DBX ETF Trust Except as amended hereby, all terms of the Existing Agreement remain in full force and effect. This Amendment includes the amendments in Schedule A and general terms in Schedule B.

  • Exclusivity Agreement , in relation to land, means an agreement, by the owner or a lessee of the land, not to permit any person (other than the persons identified in the agreement) to construct a solar pv station on the land;”;

  • Australia means the Commonwealth of Australia.

  • Existing LLC Agreement is defined in the recitals to this Agreement.

  • Side Agreement means the Side Agreement for Transfer Agency Services between the Customer and Transfer Agent dated as of January 1, 2015.

  • Vendor Agreement means any contract entered into by Lessee and any Vendor for the acquisition, installation, maintenance and/or servicing of the Equipment.

  • Commercial Agreement means an agreement, other than an agency agreement, made between carriers and relating to the provision of their joint services for carriage of passengers by air;

  • Corporate Services Agreement means the corporate services agreement dated on or about the Closing Date between the Issuer and the Corporate Services Provider, together with any agreement for the time being in force amending or supplementing such agreement.

  • LSA means Load Settlement Agent, which is the entity conducting Load Settlement calculations for a particular Load Settlement zone;

  • Additional Agreement has the meaning assigned to such term in Article 8.

  • JV Agreement each partnership or limited liability company agreement (or similar agreement) between a North American Group Member or one of its Subsidiaries and the relevant JV Partner as the same may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, in accordance with the terms hereof.

  • Intercompany License Agreement means any cost sharing agreement, commission or royalty agreement, license or sublicense agreement, distribution agreement, services agreement, intellectual property rights transfer agreement, any related agreements or similar agreements, in each case where all parties to such agreement are one or more of the Issuer or a Restricted Subsidiary.

  • Marketing Agreement means an agreement entered into, with the director, by producers, distributors, processors, or handlers pursuant to this act and binding only on those signing the agreement.

  • Restructuring Agreement means the restructuring agreement dated 26 November 2019 entered into between: (i) Hyflux, as the target company; and (ii) the Investor, as the investor, and which is set out at Appendix B of the Explanatory Statement.

  • Original Financing Agreement means the development credit agreement for a Social Investment Program Project between the Recipient and the Association, dated April 7, 2003, as amended to the date of this Agreement (Credit No. 3740-BD).

  • New Management Agreement means the management agreement to be entered into between Buyer and the Manager for the operation and management of the Hotel on and after the Closing Date.

  • Original LLC Agreement has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.