Aurora definition

Aurora or “Aurora Health Caremeans Aurora Health Care, Inc.
Aurora means Aurora Commercial Corporation, f/k/a Aurora F.S.B., formerly a “savings association” within the meaning of 12 U.S.C. §§ 1462(4) and 1813(b), that was chartered by the Office of the Controller of Currency of the United States.

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Price Benchmark Establishment(s): City’s approved business(s) within the Denver- Aurora Statistical Area (specifically excluding businesses located at DEN) used to determine compliance with the Pricing comparable in concept, size, ambiance, service style and quality to the Premises, and in full compliance with Section 7.03 (B).

All notices required to be delivered to the Master Servicer under this Agreement shall be delivered to the Master Servicer at the following address: Aurora Loan Services Inc.

The Purchaser hereby appoints and designates Aurora Loan Services, Inc.

Master Servicing Payment Clearing Account Account Number: 066-611059 Beneficiary: Aurora Loan Services Inc.

If the ordinance was adopted on December 2, 1986 by the City of Aurora.

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Aurora or the “Company” means Aurora Cannabis Inc., the parent company, and its subsidiaries;
Aurora or the “Companymeans Aurora Cannabis Inc.;
Aurora means Aurora Biosciences Corporation, formerly a Delaware corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Owner, which was merged with and into Vertex San Diego on July 1, 2002.
Aurora means Aurora Cannabis Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of British Columbia; “Aurora Marijuana” means Aurora Marijuana Inc., a corporation organized under the laws of Alberta; “Aurora Shareholders” means holders of Aurora Shares;
Aurora means Aurora Energy Resources Inc.;