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Assimilated means a Member Society or Branch (“Assimilated Centre”) has been assimilated into another Member Society or Branch which by agreement with RNZSPCA has assumed responsibility for the governance and management of the Assimilated Centre and has been transferred ownership of the assets and liabilities of the Assimilated Centre.

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For avoidance of doubt, where a Member Society or Branch has been Assimilated with another Member Society or Branch (“Assimilated Centre”), or is Under Administration of another Member Society, Branch or RNZSPCA (“Centre under Administration”), the provisions of these Regulations shall still apply to that Assimilated Centre or Centre Under Administration, except to the extent set out in clauses 19.2 and 3 of these Regulations.

To the extent an Assimilated Centre has completed the transfer of its assets and liabilities to a Member Society or Branch as part of the Assimilation process, the Assimilated Centre shall not be required to resolve to transfer it assets and liabilities to RNZSPCA (under clause 14.1b and c), or to sign the documents transferring such asset and liabilities (under clause 16.1a and b), however in all other respects these Regulations apply to such Assimilated Centre.

The former was signed on July 29, 1991, in Dakar, while the latter was adopted in Abuja on August 6, 1999.Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the Comité national de coordination de la lutte contre la traite des personnes et les pratiques assimilées (CNCLTPA, National Coordination Committee against Trafficking in Persons and Assimilated Practices) under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice of Mali in 2011.

In the event an Assimilated Centre or Centre Under Administration is, after best efforts have been made to do so, unable to complete some or all of the steps 1 to 7, the Board may request the Registrar of Incorporated Societies to dissolve the legal entity of that Centre or to take such other steps as it considers appropriate and necessary, to carry out the Purposes of SPCA.

Subject to clause 19.2, the Member Society, Branch or RNZSPCA which is responsible for an Assimilated Centre or a Centre Under Administration shall use its best efforts to facilitate the Assimilated Centre or Centre Under Administration completing steps 1 to 7 of these Regulations.

Assimilated under Danish rule for four centuries (1524–1814), Norway only became an independent State in 1814, and truly au- tonomous after the dissolution with the imposed personal union with Sweden in 1905.

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