Asset Review definition

Asset Review. A review of the compliance of each Delinquent Loan with certain representations and warranties of the applicable Mortgage Loan Seller, in accordance with the Asset Review Standard and the procedures set forth on Exhibit QQ hereto.
Asset Review. As defined in Section 12.01(b)(iv).

Examples of Asset Review in a sentence

  • The Asset Representations Reviewer will have no obligation to start an Asset Review until a Review Notice is received.

  • If the Asset Representations Reviewer processes the PII of the Issuer’s Affiliates or a third party when performing an Asset Review, and if such Affiliate or third party is identified to the Asset Representations Reviewer, such Affiliate or third party is an intended third-party beneficiary of this Section 4.9, and this Agreement is intended to benefit the Affiliate or third party.

  • As agreed at the 2021 annual meeting, membership of the Heritage Asset Review Group (HARG) was extended to all members to allow the whole membership to be informed and engaged in cultural heritage matters.

  • The Servicer will render reasonable assistance to the Asset Representations Reviewer to facilitate the Asset Review.

  • The Servicer may redact or remove PII from the Review Materials so long as all information in the Review Materials necessary for the Asset Representations Reviewer to complete the Asset Review remains intact and unchanged.

More Definitions of Asset Review

Asset Review has the meaning assigned to such term in the Asset Representations Review Agreement.
Asset Review means, for any Asset Review Notice, the performance by the Asset Representations Reviewer of each Asset Test stated in Schedule A to the Asset Representations Review Agreement for each Asset Review Receivable.
Asset Review shall have the meaning assigned to such term in the Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement or such other analogous term used in any Non-Lead Securitization Servicing Agreement, as applicable.
Asset Review means the completion by the Asset Representations Reviewer of the “Testsset forth in Exhibit A for each Subject Receivable as further described in Section 3.05.