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ariff of Fees means a list of all charges, other fees and payments for the Banking Services and operations associated with the Banking Services.“Transactions outside EEA” shall mean payment transactions made from or to a country that is not a member of the European Economic Area (EEA).“Transactions within EEA” shall mean payment transactions made from or to a country that is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA).“UMR” shall stand for the Unique Mandate Reference, a SEPA direct debit unique identification code set down by a SEPA direct debit creditor. It must not be longer than 35 characters.“Unique Identifier” shall mean an unambiguous specification of a payment service user and his/her payment account expressed by IBAN (possibly with an account number attached) and/or BIC or another identification of the payee’s bank, or, in case of domestic payments, by an account number and bank code (payment system code)10.“User” shall be is a person entitled to use a PB Service provided to the Client, specifically a Client – natural person, a Statutory Body or an Authorised Individual.“XAMOS CNB” shall mean a payment system processing the Instant Payments between banks in the Czech Republic, which have accessed to the Instant Payment scheme.

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Schedule of Fees means the published note of the School's prevailing fees notified to you from time to time and a copy of which remains available on the School's website and from the School at any time upon request;
L/C Fees means, with respect to an L/C, the amount calculated by multiplying (a) the face amount of that L/C by the rate for calculation of the L/C Fee specified in Section 2.6(a) by (b) a fraction, the numerator of which is the duration of the term of that L/C and the denominator of which is the number of days in the calendar year in question.
Service Fees means the amounts payable by AHS to the Operator for the Services in accordance with this Agreement.
Monthly Fees means, collectively, [INSERT FOR HFS: the Monthly Food and Beverage Fee,] the Monthly Program Fee and the Monthly Royalty Fee, each of which is set forth in the Addendum. [INSERT FOR HFS: “Monthly Food and Beverage Fee” means the fee we require from you in Subsection 8.2, which is set forth in the Addendum.]
Maintenance Fees means the regular payment made to you by unit-owners and used to service the common property.
Class Counsel Fees means the fees of Class Counsel, and any applicable taxes or charges thereon, including any amounts payable as a result of the Settlement Agreement by Class Counsel or the Settlement Class Members to any other body or Person, including the Fonds d’aide aux actions collectives in Quebec.
Past Response Costs means all costs, including, but not limited to, direct and indirect costs, that the United States paid at or in connection with the Site through [insert date of most recent cost summary], plus Interest on all such costs through such date.]
Agent's Fees shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 3.5(c).
Admin Fees means the costs incurred by the Authority in dealing with MI Failures calculated in accordance with the tariff of administration charges published by the Authority;
Impact Fees means those fees imposed so that developments bear a proportionate share of the cost of public facilities and service improvements that are reasonably related to the impacts and burdens of the Project, adopted pursuant to Morgan Hill Municipal Code Chapter 3.56 and California Government Code Section 66001 et seq.
Overhead Costs means the actual costs incurred or the estimated costs to be
Service Costs means the fixed monthly rates charged by the Consultant for the provision of specific Services described in Section 4 - Terms of Reference.
Late Fees shall have the meaning specified in the Credit Card Agreement applicable to each Account for late fees or similar terms.
Services Fee means, collectively, the fees described in Section 6.1.
Trust Fees and Expenses means all accrued and unpaid Trustees’ fees, any amounts due to the Trustees for reimbursement of expenses or in respect of indemnification and other administrative fees of the Trust.
Fees means all amounts payable pursuant to, or referred to in, Section 4.1.
Facility Fees means the fees payable to the Lenders pursuant to Section 3.4(a).
Other Fees means amounts owed by the Borrower hereunder pursuant to Sections 2.10, 2.11, 2.12, 2.13, 8.01 and 10.10.
Administration Fees The sum of (i) the Servicing Fee, (ii) the Master Servicing Fee and (iii) the Credit Risk Management Fee.
User fees means the rates, fees, or other charges imposed by the private entity of a qualifying project for use of all or a portion of such qualifying project pursuant to a comprehensive agreement.
Annual Fees means the annual fees charged by the Trustee for services provided as the trustee and paying agent under the Indenture.
Membership Fees means the fees established pursuant to the By-Laws of the Union as the fees payable by the members of the Bargaining Unit, and shall not include any initiation fee, insurance premium or special levy;
Processing Fees means the normal and customary application, filing, plan check, permit fees for land use approvals, design review, tree removal permits, building permits, demolition permits, grading permits, and other similar permits and entitlements, and inspection fees, which fees are charged to reimburse the City’s expenses attributable to such applications, processing, permitting, review and inspection and which are in force and effect on a general basis at such time as said approvals, permits, review, inspection or entitlements are granted or conducted by the City.
Miscellaneous Charges mean charges that apply for miscellaneous services provided at CLEC's request or based on CLEC's actions that result in miscellaneous services being provided by Qwest, as described in this Agreement.
Administrative Fees shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.06(b).
Program Expenses means all the Authority's expenses of administering the Program under the Indenture and the Act and shall include without limiting the generality of the foregoing; salaries, supplies, utilities, labor, materials, office rent, maintenance, furnishings, equipment, machinery and apparatus, including information processing equipment; software, insurance premiums, credit enhancement fees, legal, accounting, management, consulting and banking services and expenses; Fiduciary Expenses; remarketing fees; Costs of Issuance not paid from proceeds of Bonds; payments to pension, retirement, health and hospitalization funds; and any other expenses required or permitted to be paid by the Authority.